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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pbd-98011 10 / 10

Great movie!

Now that I see the story behind different characters I understand better what drives voters to elect Trump. I don't share their beliefs but it is good to know and also hear their stories. Specially when everyone has to live together again after the elections, some understanding is needed to build new bridges to each other.

Reviewed by jenniferaczualdez 10 / 10

Shed light on Trump supporters

An intimate peek into the minds of Trump supporters and why they support him, despite his controversial actions. This film helped me understand the key issues and concerns of Trump voters in swing states like Ohio.

Reviewed by nye-00316 10 / 10

As a Democrat, I wanted to know why people were so (or are so) excited about Trump.

I was looking for a film that could help me understand why people voted for Trump. I found this film. I thought it was excellent. Well presented, coming from another Democrat who wanted to learn the same. This film was shot in and around Cleveland Ohio. True middle class America where the median household income (in 2018 dollars), 2014-2018 was $54,533.

Watching the film, I did learn that a lot of middle class Trump voters did not and do not like his personality (many do) but things he said he believed in and would do, appealed to them. Many things I believe the majority of both Democrats and Republicans believe in, namely things about: protecting their kids from drugs, make immigration fair, welfare shouldn't be for those that don't want to work, job creation, lower college costs, lower taxes, security of USA and also brining troops home. Interestingly the environment wasn't high up there with voters in Ohio.

Things I don't believe we agree on but there has got to be compromise somewhere is namely abortion. And whether or not you are a good or bad person because you are a Democrat and a former Hillary supporter or a Republican and a Trump supporter.

I think how we move forward, regardless of who wins, is to listen to each other, not get emotional, see where we agree and how we can work together on what we agree on and can we negotiate on things where we do not. The Director Susanne had good underlying advice.

But with Trump as President, continuing the divisive comments, I don't think we will get there. And unfortunately if Biden wins, I think many Trump voters will continue to hate us Democrats and vice versa.

I believe most do want "what is best for the country". How do we come together with this in mind? What are the key issues that both "sides" want, that we can agree on? What can't we agree on? Can we negotiate through those? What is reachable with regards to bringing the country together and what is not? Will there be someone else similar to Trump but less offensive in our future?

I admired the true friends who could discuss politics and stay calm and still laugh and love. That is what we need to hold onto. Some of my best friends are Trump supporters but I certainly do not hate them for that. Sure I wish they were not, but it is what it is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion?

Do I think Trump is treated unfairly in the press? Only on CNN, where it seems all they can do is talk negative and they are only focusing on how bad they believe Trump is. Versus Fox seems the opposite. I believe in freedom of the press and I believe most reporters on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and NPR, report the real news and because Trump is so divisive, he has brought on much of the bad news you see today about himself and the Republicans. Whereas many Trump voters believe that the free press has brought on the negativity and the divisiveness. Does it matter? Well the left wants the right to believe that Trump is ultimately not a good person. Versus the right wants the left to understand that Trump was a person they see or saw as someone who spoke about what they believed in and they should not be hated for being Trump supporters.

United we stand, divided we fall. We need to learn to listen and talk with each other and not get emotional and defensive, and learn how to negotiate again and treat each other with respect. Lets make it happen!

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