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Reviewed by breakdownthatfilm-blogspot-com 6 / 10

Marginally Better than the last special

With the rather underwhelming reception of Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue (2010), it seemed as though the show was being taken in a direction really none of the original fans wanted. There was too much juvenile type material being thrown in and for no good reason. That didn't mean that special didn't have its fans, but it was far from the most popular entry. However what did leave people intrigued to see what was coming next came at the very end of the special. The reason for that was the surprise appearance of Diesel 10, fore shadowing a plan that was going to be executed soon. The question was, did it pay off? To some degree yeah. This special is better than the last but it still has its hang ups unfortunately. That will be explained shortly though.

The plot is actually a tad different from what would typically be expected. The story focuses on Percy, believe it or not. After having a fire on the island, Sir Topham Hatt introduces fire engines Belle and Flynn to the railway engines. With Thomas assigned to show Belle and Flynn around, Percy feels left out and forgotten. Thinking nobody wants him around anymore, Diesel convinces him to visit the Vicarstown Dieselworks. In charge of that area was none other than Diesel 10. As Percy gets reintroduced to him and the other familiar diesels like Mavis, Salty, Arry and Bert, he also meets some new ones. Paxton, Sidney, Norman, Den and Dart are the fresh faces to be seen. There Percy befriends them and figures it would be better to help them since none of the steam engines seem to notice him.

The screenplay to this feature was written again by Sharon Miller, who at this point did not have a good reputation with the older fans of the show. Here though, it seems like she heard some of the complaints. The fact that the story looks more at Percy than Thomas is a good idea. Thomas doesn't have to be at the center of every story so that's fine. Percy is also the second oldest tank engine to be on the island so it's interesting to see him get his own narrative. Being that Greg Tiernan is directing again, at least he's open to go this route. What's most impressive however is the inclusion of Diesel 10 into the story. The last time he was seen was in Thomas & Friends: Calling All Engines! (2005) and that in itself was a surprise. However the negative thing about this is the exclusion of other older characters. There's no mention of Lady, Splatter or Dodge, when in fact, these three could have definitely taken the spots of the new engines (diesel or steam) mentioned before.

It's just strange to insert these old characters without any kind of background to past experiences. Yet this doesn't mean some of the new characters brought in aren't peculiar. Belle and Flynn are the best additions mainly because they do bring up the question of fires on the island. Certainly before them there have been other fires, but just exactly how was it handled? No need to worry now with them on board. The voice cast continues to work well except for one. Teresa Gallagher voices Belle, Rupert Degas voices Dart, Keith Wickham voices Den and Matt Wilkinson voices Diesel 10. Sadly, it's Wilkinson who's the wrong choice for Diesel 10. Someone in the same vein as Neil Crone or Keith Scott would have worked just fine. Here though Diesel 10 sounds less intimidating, his voice is just too high pitched.

The dialog was also fixed. Thankfully there is no rhyming involved in any scenes. That was one of the more annoying elements of the past feature. As for appearances go, the visuals to this feature are as acceptable as they have been. The new characters all have interesting train designs and Diesel 10's rendering is accurate from past showings. For the locations largely featured in the show, fans will get to see places like the Sodor Search and Rescue Center, the Sodor Steam Works, Brendam Docks, Tidmouth Sheds, Knapford Station and even Henry's Tunnel. The newest place however is the Vicarstown Dieselworks that houses all of Sir Topham Hatt's diesel engines. Quite the contrast to that of the Steam Works. Lastly, the music was largely uneventful unfortunately. Composed surprisingly by Ed Welch, Peter Hartshorne and Robert Hartshorne, the music just isn't that compelling for the scenes shown, and no character themes are heard. The only catchy tune is the Day of the Diesel's rock song at the very end. Too little too late though.

With people falling over from the silliness that was Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue (2010), the quality has made a mild return to form for this feature. While it may still have problems with character backgrounds, and bland music, there are things to like about it. The story decides to focus on Percy instead of Thomas, the are some new and old returning characters to see and the animation is still well done.

Reviewed by MihaiSorinToma 6 / 10

An animation which sends the wrong idea

Thomas and Percy are best friends, but lately, due to heavy work, Thomas hasn't had time for his friend. Percy felt neglected so he found some new friends, the Diesels. Unfortunately for him, the Diesels tricked him, secretly planning to take over the Steamworks. He must reunite with Thomas and solve the problem before it's too late.

I know it's a movie for kids, but all seems so superficial. The plot doesn't really have much sense and all problems (even the apparently difficult ones) seem to sort out like there was nothing at all. I know that kids don't care about this stuff but in my mind that's kind of lying. You have to tell them that a mistake has consequences, that they can be punished if they are being bad (especially not rewarded), that they have to think about what they're doing, that they shouldn't talk to strangers and so on. And personally I don't like the idea of Diesel locomotives as the bad's a bit racist. Steam locomotives are always good or what? I like Thomas and Friends but I think these movies should have a bit more education, a bit more essence, even a bit more soul!

Reviewed by anchovyd 7 / 10

Needs more Evil and Destruction from Diesel 10

Ever since seeing Misty Island Rescue last spring with Diesel 10 coming into the last scene and vowing revenge, I've been flat out excited about seeing Day of the Diesels and Diesel 10 get his revenge. Diesel 10 is by far my favorite character on the show. My son loves him too so when I realized that it was fall already I remembered about the movie and took my kid down to the store to buy it. Both of us were excited about watching it.

It starts out great. There is a big fire on Sodor and all of a sudden Belle the fire engine train pulls up out of nowhere and just starts hosing down the flames. Everyone is impressed. Sir Topham Hat acts surprised, he didn't know that there was a fire fighting train on the island. Stop right here. This ignorance by Topham Hat plagues the movie and just isn't in his character and just doesn't make sense. He owns the railway on Sodor and the docks, how can this "rogue" fire fighting train be running about the island getting fueled up with coal and water all unnoticed. I think that the writers were quite a bit lazy here and didn't want to give a back story to Belle. Okay back to the story. After Belle's brilliance Topham Hat expresses his desire for another fire fighter. Belle recommends her buddy Flynn who is a high-rail vehicle that can ride on the rails or on pavement.

Thomas is infatuated with Belle and spends all of his time with her and Flynn leaving his best friend Percy in the cold. Diesel, apparently acting on orders from Diesel 10, senses Percy's weakness and works his way in telling Percy that he should hang with the diesels because they would have time for him and treat him real special. Eventually Diesel's manipulation works and Percy finds himself rolling into the Diesel Works. If ever any of you have had any doubt as to whether or not there was racist implications to Thomas and Friends, your doubt will be erased here. Of course there are Thomas' comments about diesels being "dirty and devious" and "never go to the Diesel Works," that is expected. However it is the visage of the Diesel Works that will erase any and all doubt. The Diesel Works are on the "other" side of the island, and when Percy rolls through its gates are we in for a treat. The Diesel Works is a shanty building constructed of corrugate metal in a haphazard fashion. Every building is run down and dilapidated. Burned out cars and other junk litter the entrance to the home of the diesels and there are even rats shown moving about. Percy is scared, and why not he just entered the ghetto. Cabrini Green, Magnolia, Treme. The effect is not subtle.

As Percy drives up to the main structure, he is greeted by Diesel 10. Yes! This time they used a much better voice actor than in Magic Railway. Diesel 10 now has affected English accent reminiscent of the stereotypical homosexual villains of the past (think Malcolm McDowell in Blue Thunder). Much better than the dumb Brooklyn accent that he had in Magic Railway. So this new, improved Diesel 10 with 20% more evil shows Percy how Topham Hat has neglected the diesels and their Diesel Works. They can't fix themselves because the crane is broken and they don't have essential equipment. Again, here is where the writers were just plain lazy. Why would Topham Hat neglect his diesels and not give them equipment necessary for repairs and maintenance? I mean they are on his railway and the friendly diesels like Mavis, and Salty are just about every show. Why would he want them to fall into disrepair? By the way they are hanging with Diesel 10 at the works.

So Diesel 10 pleads his case for a new Diesel Works to Percy who agrees that it isn't fair that the facilities for the diesels are deplorable. Percy tells Diesel 10 that he will give the information to Thomas who will then in turn tell Sir Topham Hat about the need for updated diesel facilities. Apparently Thomas' word carries a lot of weight on Sodor.

Meanwhile, Percy gets Kevin to fill in for the broken crane at the Diesel Works. Then all hell breaks loose as Thomas and Victor go to retrieve Kevin. That is when Diesel 10 and crew decide to take over the Steam Works as it lies vacant. Here is where the movie gets disappointing.

The diesels end up just playing in the Steam Works spinning fast on the turntable, lifting each other with the crane and just goofing off. I really thought that they were going to trash the place and burn it down to the ground. That is where it looked where it was headed since Diesel 10 had one of his henchmen incapacitate Flynn by stealing his fire-hose. Disappointing indeed.

The final disappointment is when Sir Topham Hat arrives at the Steam Works to put a stop to the shenanigans. He scolds Diesel 10 who cowers at Hat's stern voice. I was under the impression that Diesel 10 was his own man and didn't follow anyone's rules. Apparently he is just another slave on the plantation.

I won't give away the big happy ending but while the movie looks great and Diesel 10 shows potential, it is ultimately a disappointment in my eyes. When are we going to see a truly evil Diesel 10 who maims Sir Topham Hat and destroys a few of the goody goody steamies? I thought this movie was going to be it, but it is not. Let me just add that while I was let down by the movie my kid loves and has already watched it 20 times. Great for kids but not for adults hoping for evil and terror on the island of Sodor.

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