Three Steps Above Heaven

2010 [SPANISH]

Action / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7 10 24298

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by purenarcoticx 1 / 10

Soap opera committed to film

You know how really good movies make you feel at a loss of words and all warm inside, even if they were sad, you just feel enriched, whether it's intellectually, emotionally, visually etc. This movie doesn't make you feel at all like that. It makes you feel brain dead. After watching it, I felt so bad for seeing something so explicitly stupid, I was so angry, that I literally couldn't put into words how I felt and still can't accurately explain how bad this movie is, partly because I'm trying to block all the memories of it. I don't know if it's possible to describe the type of moronic writing, that had no logic at all and the terrible truly vile characters. Spoilers start from here so stop reading if you really seriously think you'll see this piece of art. I mean we're supposed to root for a spoiled over-dramatic rich teenage girl, that really has no idea what she wants/feels/thinks and 90% of the time the only opinion/reaction she has to a situation is to scream and complicate things, while on the other hand takes her 40 sec to forget what she was over-dramatizing about. Oh and I forgot to mention that after her best friend's boyfriend dies she ditches her best friend. Stops all contact with her. I mean that's just great writing. And if you think that's all, oh no, buddy, you're in for a treat. The male character, that, of course all the girls have a crush on, and the viewers are also supposed to feel attracted to or at least sympathetic is macho man psycho who all in all to the end of the movie beat up at least 6 guys, 2 of whom almost to death, for no apparent reason. I mean okay, you find your mom having sex with another guy, sure you get angry, maybe even sucker punch the guy, but beat him up like a dog is a little bit just over the top. But that's the acceptable beating up that happened in this astonishing movie. I mean my favorite part is when a guy spills wine all over his spoiled-rich-girl-girlfriend and he got so unbelievably angry(??) that he actually hit the guy in the middle of an official event. But really why I don't get why any sane human being, would even remotely not hate this guy - the part where he actually hit his girlfriend. And this, my friends is a love story. I mean they had a competition on who could do the most pull ups??? And you know how usually things in the plot, or the plot development, happen for a reason, or at least there is some logic behind the things that get down? Yeah, well I really missed that principle in Tres metros sober el cello, maybe the plot is just trying to be mysterious. I don't know. The only reason why I would recommend this movie is to feel this mixed feeling of nausea, shame for being a part of humanity that created this piece of art and at the same time the loss of words, regret, anger, disappointment, and the best part - the ending, when through out the whole movie you have hoped that something meaningful and logical will happen at the end that will make all the terrible things you just saw worth it(or at least bearable), and nothing happens. I hope I spared someone from feeling dead inside.

Reviewed by kristijanvkci 1 / 10

Godzilla is more realistic than this movie

A hooligan destroys a car of a girls friend (actually his dads car) while she's in it Car gets wrecked, her friend gets beaten up Girl falls in love with the hooligan??? Her friend finds a guy stealing money from purses Girl falls in love with the thief??? Guy beats up everyone, hits his girl Girl is in love with the hooligan Teenagers see this and love the 2 main characters presented as badasses with suble signs and completely ignore the messeges the movie sends If you want to get the girl, you need to steal money, beat people up, beat up her friend, ruin his dads car, throw her in a pool, occasionally hit her and in no chance she'll be yours!! Worst movie ever

Reviewed by catarina_aww 1 / 10

one of the worst films I have ever seen - cheesy, unrealistic, AWFUL

Ever since it came out I kept hearing every single teenager going crazy about this film so after years I had to watch it. I have to say, I have seen most romantic films, even the really cheesy ones like Nicholas Sparks cheesy or even Twilight. But nothing could have prepared me for this film.

Putting aside the fact that everything was so predictable (typical of romantic films) the plot was very unrealistic and poorly written. Let's think about Babi's friend. She falls madly in love with a guy that was stealing money from her bag. In which messed up universe does this happen? Not to mention how annoying Babi is (one of the main characters). She keeps breaking up with Hugo (or whatever his name is)for no real reason and she abandons her best friend after her boyfriend died right in front of her.

Oh, and that Hugo guy. What a character! He gets into fight with anyone for no reason and not just a simple fight oh no. He beats those guys nearly to death. The best part is where he does this as Babi's 18th birthday party to a guy who spilled wine on Babi by accident. I'm telling you, the perfect guy. And the cherry on top is where he slaps Babi. That, to be fair, was the only time when he was entitled to do it as Babi was accusing him of killing his best friend (even if he wasn't there when it happened and he had nothing to do with it).

OK, so this is a film where the main characters are people anyone would hate in real life even though they're supposed to be the opposite. This is a film where resorting to physical violence is justified only when a man hits a woman. If you put it like that it would sound quite interesting and it would probably deserve a greater rating because it would be a drama, not a LOVE STORY.

I have just seen the film (like an hour ago). Honestly, it was so bad I cannot even find my words to explain it. It was cheesy (she gets a tattoo of his name the day after they kiss for the first time) and nothing had any meaning. You're expecting everything to fall into place at the end and it doesn't.

It wasn't enough that the film was a disappointment but seeing that on IMDb it is rated 7.2/10 breaks my heart. Seriously people? Seriously???

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