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Sope Dirisu as Tucker
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Nora Arnezeder as Blake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kuarinofu 5 / 10

For the Mannie (nothing you haven't seen before)

'Tides' or 'The Colony' is not a bad film. After a sloppy start which didn't make much sense, like a capsule drowning in water (that is full of air and is specifically designed to float), the absence of technical means for navigation or communication, the film starts to grow. The production quality is great, it looks and sounds really good, the location is solid. Some of the visuals reminded me of the Metro Exodus and Fallout games.

Then, around 30 minutes into the film, it turns into complete boredom after a sequence of vaguely motivated decisions. The problem is the predictability of the story. Every character, every plot thread, the ending - everything is so full of cliches you can pretty much recite the dialogue along with the characters. You know how it is going to end. In fact, I'm writing this review while still watching it, and it is really that predictable.

They don't really try to obscure it or provide an interesting twist. Like, come on, you can't cast Iain Glen and make him look like a good guy.

Anyway, now as the film is over, I can conclude my review. This film is everything you have seen before, plus some virtue signaling fueled by popular political ideas, making me think that it was probably made to fish out some festival awards.

Great production shell, but empty inside.

Reviewed by RodMartinJr 6 / 10

Missed opportunities and story holes...

Lack of clarity in the story robs this of its potential. Some questions are never resolved. One big plot hole involves the immense distance to the extrasolar colony in the Kepler 209 system. At 587 pc (1,914 light years), they would have to have FTL technology. And if they had FTL technology, they would likely have chosen something far, far closer to Earth. Better than that, with the right use of FTL tech, they could have terraformed Mars in a few decades.

Great acting, nice cinematography, but pacing seemed too slow in places. A movie like Das Boot could make boredom seem interesting. That time of deep creativity was missing, here.

Reviewed by dhooghesven 6 / 10

Meh but a solid Meh !

This is a German/Swiss Sci-fi movie set somewhere between 100 and 150 years in the future. The wealthy elite escaped an earth where disasters and climate change made the planet uninhabitable. However things aren't going as planned on Kepler 209 either so they hope to return after 2 generations.

They've sent a first mission but lost contact so they sent a second mission to try again and to find out what happened with the first mission.

The production level is excellent, this never feels cheap or low budget and it can hold it's own to flicks with double the budget. Acting, score, pace, directing, editing, etc is all at a professional level. Critics who do this for a living can probably give a more nuanced view but never was it so bad that it bothered me or broke the illusion.

This is a dark and at times depressing film with a minimal story that reminded me of The Road (2009) but even a minimal story needs to make sense.

In a Hollywood blockbuster with loads of action and explosions you know you are basically looking at a live action comic book. For those movies I'm way more tolerant for illogical events (for example the dance-off in Guardians of the Galaxy), but this movie aims at the thinking sci-fi fan.

The massive plot holes really start to bother you after a while. Without spoiling anything for you I'll give a few examples just from the premise. They have solved interstellar travel but somehow still use tech from the 1960's to land ? Why did they send astronauts when they could have used drones, robots or even androids for the first recon ? If the planet is radioactive and uninhabitable, why don't they wear suits ? Was it a one way suicide mission or how are they going to get back? The list goes on and on.

For the Spocks among us this will be a huge let down and nothing but wasted potential and the Action Jacksons will find this boring and slow. Good for a one time watch but this could have been so, so much more.

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