Tiger Cage III

1991 [CN]


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Reviewed by rettercritical 7 / 10

Enjoable film of its genre

80's Hong Kong actioner. Most people think the second film in the series is the best, I think that is true but this film delivers some cool action to satisfy fans of the genre.

The plot is ordinary and cringe worthy but stick it out because there is some great martial arts and stuntwork.

The film stars Kwok Leung Cheung who is quite physically capable in this demanding on the body role but hardly a typical leading man. He is given some god awful lines in a painful script. Michale Wong is decent in a supporting role. Sharla Cheung is kinda cute but has an awful character.

Basically the plot gets the protagonist sporting a gold mask because he disfigures his face. He seeks revenge but not before the terrible story chugs along with painful melodrama.

The action scenes are above average. They use some cool techniques like creating blood splatters from impact of certain punches (shot in slow motion). The film brings the martial arts and action to certain settings requiring physical challenge such as a water fountain for a shoot out and work-site scaffolding for some chop socky. The fights are quick, brutal and entertaining. They redeem the picture for sure.

If you like the "In The Line Of DUty" series this film is probably worth checking out.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Passable, just about

A lacklustre third film in the series that's totally unconnected to the first two aside from the title. This one has the usual decent fight scenes brought to us by Yuen Woo Ping, but the rest is a bit of a struggle with an unfocused plot that drags quite a bit at times. I felt the film DRAGON FAMILY had a similar story but handled it in a much more exciting way. Michael Wong's always good value but seems like a whipping boy here while the Andy Lau impersonator doesn't have much luck either. Cheung Man gets the best role but most of the bad guys are lacklustre and the ending abrupt.

Reviewed by ebiros2 5 / 10

Weak story, and delivery

The title of this movie literally means cold faced shooter. There's a disfigured protagonist that's following character portrayed by Man Cheung. The English title is Tiger Cage 3, and is the third in the series.

D&B movies usually has high quality production, but this one is below average in many places. First the story keeps dragging with Michael Wong character coming in and out of the story's thread, but without a clear purpose. The problem of this movie is that there's no focus in terms of the story or the character that's in it. Man Cheung is beautiful but not strong enough to carry the lead as an actor in this movie.

The movie lacks focus due to the above mentioned issues, and the conclusion also is lacking in compelling ending of the story (IMO).

If you're a Man Cheung fan, it's better to watch her Wong Jin produced movies, and if you're a D&B movies fan like me, there are many better movies that they made, and it's recommended to look for those.

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