Time Apart


Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.4 10 105

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by saptesh786 2 / 10

Boring (non) science fiction !

Firstly it is not science fiction and another it not any interesting movie to be watched. Very dull and boring, nothing happened remarkable till end. There is no climax. I feel 1.20 hours like very long period watching movie. Though plot is good it is not well developed. Apart from this we could not get any answers like how Seb trapped in the time ? what was happened between time ? Why does she love with Jake ? Why do not they take any help of expert or internet to find out solution ? Very boring movie, avoid totally.

Reviewed by Australian1 3 / 10

I was hoping for something like "In Time"

This could have been a good movie, the idea was good, but as the movie progressed there was no sense being made. For a start, when Seb reappears, he doesn't ask the questions, he doesn't behave as someone who lost a year. His girlfriend Nina, doesn't ask where he was, how did he feel, what was it like to skip a year. We gather 2 years passed, but then as the viewer we have no idea whether this went for 2 years, 5 years or 10 years! The Police reaction is not what would really happen in reality. Then, Nina is walking and talking to Jake, no idea how much time has passed, no idea what happened to Seb and it just ends there! The writer had no idea how to end his story and the viewer is left wondering if this was a long TV episode and some answers will be revealed in next week's episode! Waste of tim, stay apart for this movie!

Reviewed by superenigmatix 8 / 10

Gentle Aussie romance with touches of comedy & science fiction

A movie in the same part of the shopping aisle as About Time but with less comedy and not so famous actors, but still well done for it's limitations and I presume a small budget.

The lead actress is good and there is no bad acting or badly written script and all the other departments do their part well.

Not a movie for the young or those with ADHD, but good for everyone else.

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