Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 9270

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Mae Whitman as Tinker Bell
Lucy Liu as Silvermist
Kristin Chenoweth as Rosetta
Anjelica Huston as Queen Clarion
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English 2.0
23.976 fps
12 hr 0 min
P/S 10 / 92

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by I love tinker bell 10 / 10

The Best Movie of Our Time

A good movie for everyone. One of the best movies of our time. Must watch. Amazing set up, great music, lovable characters, and amazing plot. Animation looks great as well! The movie sets itself up so nicely without feeling forced. The characters are charming as well and you can root for them. And the music is just wonderful. Your earbuds will just melt from awe. And the animation oh my. You can actually see them move with emotion and care. They actually feel like real people instead of just lifeless pictures. If you need somewhere to start in the Tinkerbell movies, this is the movie. It has everything. Overall amazing movie. I hope I got you to try it out!

Reviewed by MoveeVee 8 / 10

Another enjoyable Tinkerbell movie!

Our family enjoys these Tinkerbell movies. So nice to watch a movie without a villain and that explores emotions as related to friend relationships. Also nice that there isn't any really frightening images or creatures. It's annoying how so many animated features gear towards pleasing adults with innuendos that sometimes fly over children's heads. These Tinkerbell movies appeal to children and adults without being crude and having to make us laugh every couple of minutes. They are charming and visually stunning. I like how Tinkerbell sees the error of her ways and makes good with Terrance in the end. Good moral to the story and very entertaining! I hope they will continue to make these movies.

Reviewed by robertchan 1 / 10

Tinkerbell and the lost treasure has a poor story.

This ¨movie" is the worst movie I've ever saw the scrips suck the story line was horrible is was a cheap movie that Disney made. it is Describe Paragraph 1: Introduction Provide a hook Some lead in to your review to draw your reader in Tinkerbell and the lost treasure will not be a enjoyable movie and it has no meaning there's not one thing in there that's good. Background: Start by putting in all the information about the film The title: Tinkerbell and the lost treasure The director: Klay Hall Lead actors: The film company: Walt Disney The running time: 1 hour : 18 minute Explain your expectations before you saw the film It was gonna be so bad. Include some background information about the film or the way it was advertised j Genre: What sort of film is it? A romance, an action film, a thriller..? romance/action/kids film Theme: Does it have a general message? Anti-War? Drugs? Racism? The happy life of humorous jungle animals?

Thesis: (Your Star Rating and Reasons) Although I think its bad because it is a cheap Disney movie there was no meaning to it and but other people think its great,good, and amazing. I claim because

Paragraph 2: Summary of the Plot and Characters Plot Summary: What happens in the film? Don't give too much away (no one will go and see the film if you give away surprises, mysteries, or the film's ending) Characters: Main Characters, Their Characteristics, and the Actor playing the part Do you think the actors are appropriate for these parts? Are they believable? Are they sympathetic? (Do they make you care what happens to them?) Are their performances dramatic enough to entertain, excite and interest the audience? Does the plot make sense? Is it easy enough to follow? Does it have enough twists and turns to keep you interested?

Interpret Paragraph 3: Feelings and Connections Make connections and comparisons. Tell how the film makes you think or feel, what it reminds you of. → Use evidence from the film to support your interpretation. What objects, experiences, or other films does the film remind you of? Why? Is this positive or negative? How does the film make you feel? Why? Is this positive or negative? What is the mood of the work, and how can you tell? What specific elements create that mood?

Judge Paragraph 4: Review and Comparisons General Review: Did you enjoy the film? Why or why not? What were it's good points? (Don't forget to give reasons) What were it's bad points? (Don't forget to give reasons) Would you recommend this film to your readers? What sorts of people might enjoy this film? Are there any other films that you could compare this one to? How original is it? Is it too predictable? Is it believable enough not to annoy the audience? Reverse Hook: End with a BANG! Refer back to your rating.

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