'Tis the Season for Love


Comedy / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonathanrspalding 9 / 10

Follow your dreams until you fail

This movie stands out in the Hallmark Christmas buffet as one of the best. Of course you have the usual Hallmark fare with a dose of Christmas magic. However, this movie is more subtle, intelligent, and thoughtful than most. They addition of the former boyfriend and his wife as significant characters in the movie added a dimension and a little bit of comedy to the picture.

The heroine had to make a life choice to continue to follow a dream that did not seem to be working out, (but maybe could if she continues to work on it) or to follow a new path for another dream. That is frankly a much more realistic choice pattern than the usual you can have it all theme for most movies or the Disney movie premise you must follow your dreams and if you do your dream will come true. The question in this matter is what happens when the dream does not appear to work out? This movie could be funny at times and in the right places that gives it a less melodramatic tone than a lot of these movies tend to have, especially in hour 2.

I have enjoyed Tis the season as much or more the third or fourth time around than when I first saw it. Which when you have a two month movie marathon is a good trait to have for Hallmark.

Also of note my nine scored is based on the genre and style of movie. A perfect Hallmark Christmas movie would be a 10. If you do not like the genre you are not going to see this movie the same way as I. So to be clear this is not the second coming of Cassanblanca or Gone with the Wind (which I think is overrated). But its fun around Christmas.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10

Mixed a little differently

This movie had many of the usual formulaic ingredients of a Hallmark Christmas movie, but I think they were combined in a slightly different way than usual.

We had the down on her luck, even failing (insert occupation here) actress, Beth, that returns home. She asks Santa for a wish. But this Santa has no magic to grant her, only good advice. Beth meets her old high school flame, but guess what - he's married and happily. She rekindles what could have been an old flame. And the stage is set. ***SPOILERS starting to pile up from here *** You know the phone call is coming and it does. And while she goes back to New York, she doesn't wait until the last minute to return. But here's a little twist - the show is canceled because of a sprinkler disaster. But Beth saves it.

The story was smoothly put together. The acting was decent although Sarah Lancaster played her role so quietly it was easy to miss the spark. In fact, the first half, or so, of the movie was a little bit sad as Beth looked back on her (lack of) career. The sadness was necessary, but I enjoy leading ladies with a bit more quirkiness and optimism.

I'm glad I watched this one.

Reviewed by rossmcfarlen 7 / 10

Average fare but...

...lifted to another level by the presence of the lovely and engaging Sarah Lancaster.

I've seen SL in quite a few TV movies and she has the knack of making average fare thoroughly engaging with her relaxed acting style - she seems to fit into roles with great ease and never ever seems to be acting, which is an extraordinary gift. Never underestimate charm in actors - some have it, and many don't. Ms Lancaster has it in spades, and it's underpinned by a quality of humility which again some actors don't seem to have.

...and children seem to really enjoy her company which explains the sheer ease (for the viewer) with which she works/acts with them in this flick.

The story is average but the setting is very nice - there's a scene on the ice rink which is thoroughly delightful visually...I'll say no more.

I could watch this again without any complaints.

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