To Live!

2010 [RUSSIAN]

Action / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 1684

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by because-of-him 8 / 10

A watchable surprise...

The actors will not get Academy awards, but if you stick with the movie, it becomes interesting and you forget the weak acting.

Soon after the chubby man hunts, there is shouting and a rush to hurry up and save a man from pinging bullets. From then on, the movie moves up and down, slow and fast, like riding a roller coaster.

There are some intense movements between the hunter and the gang member, and a very troubling treatment of a dog that some might find too intense (but keep in mind, it is a movie and not reality). This scene and other hate/like each other scenes are crucial to understanding the ending.

The best part comes at the end, which takes the movie from a 6 to an 8 out of 10.

And, the mild profanity is tolerable and unlike so many movies that turn to filth in every frame.

Reviewed by hopmah 8 / 10

A haunting premise

This film still haunts after a fortnight, its premise being that one will do anything to live. Obviously this production was filmed on a budget; were it remade, it could easily become a blockbuster success and Oscar winner. I highly recommend investing the time to watch this to the very end, especially as it is not a lengthy film.

Reviewed by philipc-52613 9 / 10

Very good movie

Watch it for yourself and see for yourself.The acting by the heavy set man was great . And it made your heart pound.

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