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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fantasmasett 10 / 10

An inside-out prospective of our life

Great great production! One of the best documentary I manage to watch lately! I am not familiar with the world of natural substances but everything felt so close to me anyway. The journey that he faces through the exploration of the Mexican culture is everyone's journey towards an intimate truth, which is meant to be found by each of us sooner or later in life. Also, this comes so refreshing in these hard and uncertain times of closure and fear! It gives your mind the sensation to flee for a different place and the chance to reflect on the possibility that something else exists beyond the thick curtain of our harsh reality, something waiting for us to reach out and take! Even just watching it I had the sensation of switching to an inside world, to address those unexplored concepts that have the power to improve our life (tobì tobì) a step at the time. I think this is the content we should be watching more, especially in a time where the common medicine is mistrusted (it sounds so futuristic in anticipating some changes in how human health will be dealt with).

Lastly, this product surely reports a real intimate experience, it doesn't come as a commercial action and this makes it very precious.

Reviewed by freestyledance 10 / 10

An interesting Voyage into the soul looking for a true vocation

I was very impressed with this documentary. I reality appreciated the silences in some passages, the language of crude and clear images, as well as poetry of some symbolisms and references. A real journey into one's soul, of one's shadows, necessary and important to access an authentic awakening of conscience. An invitation to find one's vocation and embark on one's own Journey oh the Hero. The self-produced music Is also very interesting. I met the author on several occasions and i can guarantee on the sincere eclecticism and deep intent in having given birth to a similar work. Big wishes!

Reviewed by andrealaudante 10 / 10

A true work of love

Tobí Tobí is not a simple documentary but an authentic research, a journey through consciousness, trying to find a personal answer to the ancient questions that every man has inside. The high quality of the contents, the large amount of real life and humanity present in each scene, the beauty of the images and the original soundtrack (totally composed, played and recorded by the director) give the film a sense of coherence and unity that make Antonio a great director. Tobì tobì is clearly a work of total love and devotion, I highly recommend it.

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