Todo sobre el asado

2016 [SPANISH]


Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 527

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tprspan 8 / 10

Very good documentary from Argentina

I had heard about Argentina's love affair with beef before, but this doc really brings it to the forefront. The film is very informative of course, but the cast of interesting and sometimes quirky characters was outstanding. Nearly all the people interviewed were very colorful in describing their passion for "asado". Even the narrator was great, yet a little funny in his narration and interviews. Definitely check this out.

Reviewed by aie-trust 5 / 10

Mockumentary and documentary meat! Best in show, meets borat, with a parental filter..

It seems to take a pulse of the country at a producer/ working level. While attempting to educate.

Some part of me hopes it was primarily meant to be seen by urban wealthy Argentina and the 1st world. So they could say it was an ironic mockumentary. While being told some home truths and fed some interesting information around the topic

As I watched this, i went through phases. Initially I thought, this sucks as a doco.

Then I thought it sucked as a mocko.

But, I think this product is the result of funding buying into the pitch but then toning it down. Standsrd art and funding. If so, Target achieved. Something for urban liberals to titter at and snowflakes to Twitter at.

Reviewed by aie-trust 5 / 10

Note for mod

Mockumentary and documentary meat

Please change my rating

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