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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chezirecat 9 / 10

Brilliant, utterly hilarious & heartbreaking

A dark comedy drama exploring the story of a disfunctiontional couple, who hates each others but stay together for the "sake" of their son, throughout the covid-19's lockdown from 2020 up to at least 1st half of 2021. At first i thought that it's still a bit early to explore this theme, but it's actually a perfect time to release it.

You'll have a good laugh and cry out of this movie, brilliant script and performance from both James McAvoy & Sharon Horgan. It does it feels like a play, since they're mostly involved us into their conversations, they look straight to the camera. At first, it's kind of weird but it doesn't lasts that long for me to be hooked to the story.

1.5 hrs doesn't feels that long, I even surprises when the movie ends because I thought it still have like at least 30 minutes to go. I've re-watched it at least 4 times as for now, and each time it's still gives me a good laugh & heartbreak at the same time. Even if you're not from the UK, you'll somehow still can relate about a few aspects explored in this movie.

It's just good. Give it a try.

Reviewed by stevo1974 10 / 10

Roller coaster of emotional triggers

A wonderful portrayal of the reality of the emotions, relationships and life events, under the microscope of what the world witnessed as part of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Brilliantly written, with some of the best acting I have ever seen.

Reviewed by ewaf58 10 / 10

Emotionally raw - funny and affecting

Here we have a bickering couple - who are only staying together for the sake of their child - having to face up to lockdown and losing someone close to them.

As the lockdown progresses their previously destructive relationships slowly changes in to one that involves more understanding and empathy.

There's also an exposure of the early blundering of UK health officials - sending infected patients back to care homes were carnage was inflicted - and the slow response of the Government to putting into place a lockdown.

It's superbly acted - and if you haven't seen it - I'm sure you can catch it on the BBC iPlayer.

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