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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

Stylish but Pointless Violence

The psychopath Arano (Kôji Chihara) arrives in Tokyo with a bag full of knives with the intention of killing Yakuza. He gets close to the smalltime gangster Kamijo (Onimaru), who was assigned by the old Yakuza Boss (Akaji Maro) to kill the gangster Matsunaga (Tetta Sugimoto), but he is not a killer.

When Arano kill two American drug dealers, Kamijo steals the boom box with drugs. But the young prostitute Alice (Rin Ozawa) convinces Arano to rob the drugs and travel with her to Fiji. When she disappears with the drugs, Arano begins his rampage against Yakuza.

"Poruno Sutâ", a.k.a. "Tokyo Rampage", is a stylish Japanese movie with pointless violence of the Japanese youth. The nihilist and alienated lead character has a confused motivation for his crime spree – Yakuza is not needed – but any development of the reason of his behavior. The graphic violence is very well choreographed and the special effects work. My vote is six.

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Reviewed by urabutln 4 / 10

Very slow symbolic film

This film is very slow, it's about a disillusioned youth that prowls around killing Yakuza. There isn't really a plot, just critisism of the society that Japanese youth grows up in. There is strong symbolism in the film, but I found it quite hard to understand all the time.

I think there are films who deal with this subject better, never the less the film is worth seeing.

Reviewed by JohnPaulG07 8 / 10

Horrifically Entertaining Blockbuster with Cool Name

Tokyo Rampage aka Pornostar is an intensely suspenseful horror film revolving around murder and betrayal within modern day Yakuza. The film starts off with a brief interaction between two unsuspecting characters leading to the backdrop the entire film is developed around. As the film progresses the characters slowly become more nihilistic and violent. Murder becomes more and more unsuspecting and brutal leading to a climax of gargantuan bloodshed. The dramatic elements are well developed centering around a theme of violent nihilism with dark and perverse antiheroes. It is surely a classic of extreme Asian cinema and while being as brutal as it is complete, the most disturbing elements of the film are its intense and frank comparison to modern day youth. It ends with a triumphant bang which can only be described as everything the film promises to be. There are no stones left unturned in this classic murderous film which I feel can only be described as the Asian version of Scarface. Bloody and violent, twisted, and perverse, it is obvious that if you are as fanatical about Asian Cinema as I am you will have zero difficulty adding this to your must watch list.

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