Tokyo Revengers


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 786

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks 7 / 10

Good Enough

Japanese Movie "Tokyo Revengers" is the live-action adaption of the popular manga series with the same name.

The overall movie has a nice atmosphere and the fans of High&Low would probably love this film as well. It has plenty of great fighting scenes that were well executed and well-choreographed. The performances were all masterful too, but the main lead was especially enjoyable, funny, emotional, and diverse. The dynamics between the cast were also pretty strong and that helped creating the right team environment that the movie needed to promote right from the start.

However, and even though the film is well made and the camera work is brilliant, the story felt like it only stretched the surface, like something was missing as the movie was moving towards the final showdown. The ending was pretty rushed too.

So, overall, 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by sjarvis1415-360-13189 8 / 10

Went in blind, came out a fan.

Just like when I first saw High & Low the movie, I had no idea what this was all about going into it, other than it's originally a manga. All I knew is Murayama and Yamato are in it. So, this is from the perspective of a non-manga reader. So, with that said,

I really liked this!

The way the 3 main characters - Takemichi, Mikey, and Draken - interact was really enjoyable. I especially liked Draken, particularly in the hospital scene. He's extremely loyal to Mikey, but at the same time stays true to his own principles. Very cool. Mikey is pretty chill and kicks some serious ass. The biggest surprise was Takemichi. I thought it was pretty funny/interesting having a MC who is basically useless in terms of fighting except when it comes to taking a beating.

The fights in this are pretty good, although not quite up to H&L standards. There's a pretty big brawl later on that is quite reminiscent of those films, just not quite to the same scale.

At the end of this I found myself wanting more. Is that really it? This certainly doesn't feel like enough. More like an episode in the life of. I want to see where this story goes. So, I guess I'll have to check out the anime and see where that takes me.

Reviewed by hjbagus 10 / 10

Saya mau Review

Saya mau lihat film Tokyo Revengers movie Sekarang.

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