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Reviewed by haug-80614 1 / 10

Worse, low budget movie ever

Another movie with questionable high ratings. This is a real stinker. It literally looks like it was filmed in somebody's basement, and then out in some park. Everything about it is horrible, the acting, the filming, the camera work, the reviews. It just shows you really can't trust reviews anymore.

Reviewed by j_walking1516 7 / 10

An awesome creepypasta style movie

I really loved this movie. It feels like a classic creepypasta story you'd read online and presented in several different formats. You have perspectives of TikTok bloggers, vlog adventurers, mainstream news outlet and interviews, and found footage of events. There's a lot of meta humor sprinkled in that is genuinely very funny. I was fully prepared for the jokes to be too cringe to live but I honestly laughed a lot. The demonic entity and the main creepypasta style villain are interesting and exciting. Mostly a run of the mill demon possession story but it's presented in such a fun way that it doesn't feel stale. You can really tell the cast had a good time and everyone is putting their best foot forward and that really scores a lot of points with me. I really urge anyone wanting to see something fresh to check this out.

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