Tomorrow Is My Turn

1960 [FRENCH]

Drama / War

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 233

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rmax304823 8 / 10

Well worth seeing.

More than a generation has come and gone since I saw this movie in Ithaca, NY, but it isn't an easy movie to forget. Basically, it's a story of French soldiers taken captive and sent to Germany as laborers early in WWII. The sympatico Charles Aznavour and the appealing Cordula Trantow develop, let's say, a bond. When Aznavour is finally released and sent home to France, he realizes that he's established an entirely authentic identity elsewhere and determines to go back to Trantow and the life he led with her.

I hope I have the story right. I also hope I'm thinking of this movie, rather than mixing it up with another, when I claim that it has its funny moments. We only see the Battle of France in two shot. In the first, we see a collection of German artillery pieces. An officer shouts, "Feuer!", and there is a tremendous CRASH and billows of smoke. Cut to a handful of small French artillery. "Feu!" cries the officer, and there follows a preposterous "pop". Cut: A line of French POWs marching smartly along under the guns of the Germans.

In the end it's quite touching. Catch it if you can.

Reviewed by brogmiller 7 / 10

The most precious thing is Liberty

It is difficult to enthuse unreservedly about this film but at the same time it cannot be dismissed. As one would expect from director Andre Cayatte it is a story told in a matter-of-fact manner and in common with all of his films deals with 'moral responsibility'. During the years of Occupation in France people made choices or had choices forced upon them which were not without consequences, to put it mildly! The actions of Jean, played by Georges Riviere, have a devastating impact on lovely Helga, beautifully portrayed by Cordula Trantow whilst Jean's relationship with the fascinating Florence of Nicole Courcel is damaged irreparably when he learns that she is guilty of 'horizontal collaboration'. The pace of the film is slow but it is strangely absorbing and holds ones attention. The diminutive stature and soulful gaze of Charles Aznavour would always limit the roles he could play and here he exhibits his natural sensibility as a decent chap who survives in his own way. In an ideal world his character would settle down with Helga but Fate has decreed otherwise. On the other side of the coin we have Jean, well played by Riviere. Typically of Cayatte he has cast an attractive leading man type as a character whose moral compass is decidedly defective. It is however the performances of Courcel and Trantow that leave the deepest impression. Not very well received at the time and disparaged by the New Wavelet brigade this film still managed to win the Golden Lion at Venice.

Reviewed by gavinalananderson 10 / 10

60s French film set in WW2, sympathetic to the ordinary Germans.

This title is now available on DVD in France (StudioCanal). The only problem is that there are no subtitles. I generally try to get French DVDs with subtitles in French (for the hard of hearing) as that helps if they speak too fast for me or have difficult accents. Nonetheless I enjoyed this very much and although I missed some of the dialogue it was always clear what was happening. I saw this when it came out in the 60s and it has stayed with me ever since. I have been looking for it on DVD for a long time and bought it as soon as I saw it on a French website. I now find it a very thoughtful anti-war film, which acknowledges the widespread collaboration with the Nazis, which, together with the ending, must have been shocking to French opinion at the time. Charles Aznavour is excellent as the believable everyman, and the rest of the cast are fine. Georges Riviere plays a character that I remembered as quite unsympathetic, but interestingly I now see as much more complex and in his own way, principled. Recommended.

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