Torch Song Trilogy


Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.7 10 6562

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Matthew Broderick as Alan Simon
Anne Bancroft as Ma Beckoff
Harvey Fierstein as Arnold Beckoff
Brian Kerwin as Ed Reese
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sibie 10 / 10

Wonderfully deep

This film is very deep and superbly acted. It requires a viewer with a heart, but once you got that working you will surely fall into this touching drama. What is most appealing about this film is its realism and the fact that scenes of heartfelt drama are followed by light hearted humour, leading one easily through this well designed

Reviewed by Chris C.-3 10 / 10

Powerful, Touching, Emotional, A Must See

Harvey Fierstein, Anne Bancroft, Matthew Broderick and Brian Kerwin combine in a bitter-sweet comedy-drama set in the 1970's, concluding in 1980. The "Trilogy" is a collection of 3 specific pieces blended together telling the saga of Arnold Beckoff (Fierstein). The story revolves around love, relationships and family - something everyone can relate to. It was a movie before its time when it premiered in 1988. It is straight-forward and to the point. It will make you laugh and cry and understand the true meaning of love and respect. Harvey Fierstein & Anne Bancroft (Arnold's Mother) are outstanding in their roles! A must see for anyone trying to understand the complexity of love, with themselves, significant others and their family. A well-done adaption to the screen from theatre. Add this video to your collection! "I love you...enough."

Reviewed by Phatima 9 / 10

Preaching to the Converted, but How Sweet it Is

TST is like Harvey Fierstein himself: you love it or you loathe it; I love it. Preachy and heavy-handed as "Torch" is at times, it's also a brilliant, hilarious, and truly heartfelt look at how gay men love each other and their families. Arnold Beckoff, like Harvey, apologizes to no one for who and what he his, and his pride is infectious. And Matthew Broderick, as Arnold's model lover, has never been more appealing.

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