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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by walshbrosfilms-847-484651 10 / 10

Fear and Loathing in The North East: A party political documentary

Given the events of the past two years; it would be hard to imagine you could empathise with a lifelong labour supporter who had 'pushed the blue button.' But somehow you end up engaging with documentary film maker John Walsh as he reincarnates himself as the Tory candidate for Middlesbrough in the 2010 General Election. For fans of 'The Thick of it,' and 'Yes Minister,' there is much to enjoy here.

At first is unclear to viewers whether Walsh, who has specialised in social justice issues in his films, is engaging in his new career in the manner of Morgan Spurlock. Is this some kind of experiment to see how far he can get in sleeping with the enemy by climbing his way up the greasy Tory parliamentary poll? It soon becomes evident that this is not the case and also that it is frighteningly easy for someone without a political background to infiltrate the system. Walsh becomes candidate for the North East seat after one initial interview and then is successful on first nomination.

Walsh is likable but we never really get an idea of why he has changed team other than vague disillusionment with Tony Blair, disgust at the expenses scandal and the fact he sees Gordon Brown as 'a ditherer.' The film is very entertaining.

The main focus of 'Toryboy' is his attempt to unseat the encumbent Labour MP Sir Stuart Bell. The 73 year old has been returned since 1983 albeit with an ever decreasing majority. Walsh visits his home with a film crew, repeatedly calls the MP's contact number with no success. Bell does not even turn up for a pre-arranged public debate. Interviewing constituents it comes to light that the MP has not held surgeries for 15 years and pays his wife a hefty salary out of governmental coffers. He also fails to turn up for a significant day in the life of the town; the closure of the Corus plant which will devastate residents. Many also seem to blame him for his inertia to act in their defence on this issue.

You get the feeling that Walsh's heart is in the right place, young and eager in comparison to the old guard, he seems to really care about the community. He carries out surgeries and charms the old ladies of the small Tory community. A particularly incongruous moment is his first meeting with Conservative activists where he plays to one man and his dog (in attendance 6 people) and describes the process of flash-mobbing as anarchy.

Walsh's personable campaign and the absence of Bell, who it is rumoured actually lives in France, ensures that he further decreases the Labour majority – of course he still loses as old wounds run deep. Captured on film are locals who say they would rather die than vote Tory. Walsh insists, following his defeat, that Middlesbrough need to 'break free from the Labour tribe' while despite his own background, not understanding why they never will do. The conclusion you come to is that the seat just needs a much better Labour candidate.

For those with an interest in the political process and how it plays out in the local community this is well worth a watch.

Reviewed by gabrielcurrington 10 / 10

First class film on the "never to be seen" local constituency MP from Middlesborough

This film enlightens all to the fact that the (late) MP Sir Stuart Bell, a self-serving MP who spend so little time with his constituents that the people of Middlesborough that he represented for the last 30 years had never even heard of him.

This was an MP who took advantage of the socio-political landscape to spend most of his time not being around and doing the job that he was elected for.

Film-maker John Walsh excellently highlights this fact when he stands himself for political office as the conservative candidate and ends up holding surgeries himself - Bell not having held one surgery for 15 years.

As much as it is humorous this film is a serious look into life in Middlesborough - a town with high unemployment that needs someone to represent the community and it takes John Walsh to try and help whilst standing for the next election.

A really good watch and insight into the world of Middlesborough. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by benjamino-glass 9 / 10

Very informative and funny too

If you've ever wondered how somebody gets started in politics and all the drama with it, then this movie is for you.

Set in my home town of Middlesbrough (deserted by Labour) it follows the in the footsteps of John Walsh as he attempts to go from documentary film maker to MP.

He comes across as a genuine chap who really wants to help people. There are funny moments and you really want him to succeed in the end. The graphics are very good and some people will learn something new about the UK political system from them.

Such a shame he didn't win as you can tell from this movie that he would have made a difference.

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