Tracking a Killer



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Ashton Leigh as Brooke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mja58 7 / 10

Bizarre LMN movie entry...Watch it!!

To me this was one of the most bizarre LMN movie entries I have seen yet. You won't guess the guilty party until the last 15 minutes or so.

When watching, keep in mind:

1. High-end athletic shoes can cause a LOT of trouble.

2. Beware of your best friend (Elaina).

3. Beware of your best friend's mother!

The fight at the end is over the top! Laurie Fortier must be one of the toughest chicks out there because she can take it, and dish it out as well.

7/10 Give it a look.

Reviewed by burlesonjesse5 6 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of Tracking a Killer

"I didn't kill her, she was my best friend". Dang, I hate when that happens in a Lifetime flick. Actually I like when that happens. Now I can "kill" an hour and a half of my afternoon as opposed to taking a nap.

Anyway in 2021's Tracking a Killer, the "tracking" is a reference to women high school track stars who run the 100-yard dash. They are competitive, they can be catty, they don't dart realistically, and they love to violently hit people with their track sneaks. I mean at least one of them does.

So OK, Tracking a Killer is a Lifetime-r that's uneven, averagely acted, pie in the skied, and lopsidedly scripted. Just imagine enough planted whodunits to equal Clue and Knives Out and that's what you get with "Killer".

Shot in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, directed by an unseasoned Richard Switzer, and revealing a twist that sort of knocked me for a loop, Tracking a Killer is about a runner named Haley (an impressive debut from first-timer Jane Dillon). Haley is accused of murdering her track-and-field teammate and it's up to her mom and a friendly attorney who wants to get with said mom, to prove her innocence.

Look for a couple of head trauma murders (Lifetime wouldn't have it any other way), some wooden performances by the detective characters, and the accused wearing a faulty ankle bracelet that allows her to take it off and do whatever she pleases (talk about a desperate and hopeless plot ploy).

Bottom line: "Killer" is no masterpiece but it keeps the viewer guessing and throbbing at least until the 75-minute mark. Minus some overacting, some propped track shoes that don't look like real track shoes, and editing that reeks of emplacement, Tracking a Killer gets an okay "track record" from me.

Reviewed by everinethogans 2 / 10

New movies =Terrible Actors!!!

This movie is supposed to be a true story but I can't tell because the actors are such a joke that I can't take this seriously!! The old actors in the 90s were so much better!!!! I'm ready to cancel lifetime completely because this is so CRINGY I can't even watch!!!! It's a hard no for me!

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