Tracy Morgan: Black and Blue


Comedy / Documentary

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 287

stand-up comedy

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Tracy Morgan as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jay_Rusty 1 / 10

Extremely bad, painfully unfunny!

Give this tripe a hard pass and watch Staying Alive (2017) instead. Black and Blue (2010) is utter garbage, i'm really shocked at how bad it actually is.

Reviewed by therezalaroche 4 / 10

Either getting old or doesn't care anymore.

I was a fan of his for his facial expressions and how much he uses his body in his comedy. This lacked that and any effort more than walking. The jokes were funny but a performance would have added so much. Must have ran out of words. Half the voices he had for other characters.

Reviewed by unemployedvirgin 4 / 10

not "laugh out loud" funny

As a person who's not familiar with Tracy Morgan's work i was disappointed by this HBO show. Sure i've seen him pop up a few times in cameos on various films and have seen TV trailers of him in the show 30 Rock (a program i've never watched).

What disappointed me was that here's a guy who's been around for a pretty long time, gets on a public microphone for the first time..and STEALS other comedians material via recycling jokes. If you've ever heard of Eddie Griffin i urge you to compare the two and see that i'm not bullshitting.

As my above title indicates, its comedy that you can ponder on for a while, but nothing memorable. Not once did i feel the need to burst out in "ha ha ha's!" He had good jokes but the delivery just wasn't sharp enough.

In Conclusion? I still say he stole 4 or 5 classic Eddie Griffin routines, this is good for a time killer but not something i'd recommend paying to see. Any amount of respect I was willing to give to this comedian has been withdrawn!

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