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Ashley Judd as Diane
Elisabeth Röhm as Rachel Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by miller_jayme 9 / 10

Very well done everyone involved

I've watched this movie twice now, and both times I was sickened by what rich people with money really have the ability and power to do. IT WAS AN EYE OPENER!!!! It's obvious to me that DEBS review on this movie was NOT EVEN CLOSE to what the movie is showing us. The FACT that DEBS reviews only shows us SHE DOESN'T LIKE ASHLEY JUDD!!!!!

DEB unfortunately missed the entire point of the movie!!!! (WEIRD). IT IS SAD!!!

I feel this movie showed us a 100,000 billion dollar point of view here with organs, drugs, and Human Trafficking.

In my Opinion, this movie woke me up to what is not only going on around the rest of the world, but going on in our own COUNTRY.

I feel the actors did a wonderful job in portraying the defiling, inhuman acts by men and women both on this subject.

Reviewed by laurafonseca-59597 8 / 10

You have to watch the whole movie....

We started this movie and it quickly made us feel very uneasy. We finally turned it off, wanting to watch something more uplifting. The next day I continued to watch the rest of the movie and am so glad I did. Yes the first half is very ugly and hard to even imagine however watching the last half shows you many great things about the strength we have and the will to survive. Most importantly people need to know this is happening here, to our children. We have to fight human trafficking with every thing we have.

Reviewed by alistairjwalker 8 / 10

Its not fun but you need to watch this

This is based on real life. Its not glamorous, its not fun or enjoyable, but it is important. The subject of human trafficking is portrayed as the evil it is. deb-481-3168, you are so far off the mark with your review, this wasnt an attempt to relaunch or launch anyones career. Most of the established actors including Judd and Patrick Duffy gave their time for free. This is the first time I have reviewed a movie on IMDB and have only done so now because your review made me so angry

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