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Thora Birch as Alex
Gideon Emery as Willy
Kavan Reece as Sheldon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brian T. Whitlock (GOWBTW) 5 / 10

Hostel on rails

Who remembered the movie "Hostel"? Well, "Train" is like ride you will never forget. And other horror films dealing with terror on board a train. American college students in Eastern Europe participate in a very hard match. After they win, the celebrate at an underground club. After blowing off too much steam, they miss the train to Odessa. In luck, they are able to find a train ride to go to Odessa. However, they don't know that it may be their last ride. When the doctor(Koina Ruseva) who invited the coach and team to their train, a surprise awaits them. The doctor subdued the coach. And everyone on the wrestling team are being tortured in different ways. They get maimed, disembodied, and other grizzly things that are in their fates. This is not a train, it's a mobile torture chamber. Thora Birch("Now and Then", "American Beauty", "Ghost World") played Alex, one of the wrestlers. Confidence is crucial when you are dealing with the opponent, you got to know one's weakness and use it as an advantage. Watching "Hostel" is one thing, "Train" is a little more challenging. 2 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Jackson Booth-Millard 3 / 10


This was originally supposed to be a remake of the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis movie Terror Train, but it later evolved into an original project, it was a film I had seen the DVD cover many times, so I guess I had to see it. Basically in Eastern Europe, a group of American college athletes are competing in a wrestling championship, the team are led by Coach Harris (Todd Jensen), and the students include Todd (Derek Magyar) and his girlfriend Alex (American Beauty's Thora Birch), Sheldon (Kavan Reece), Claire (Gloria Votsis), and young assistant coach Willy (Gideon Emery). Following a hard match they spend the night drinking heavily, this means that the following morning they miss the train to Odessa. A seemingly friendly woman, Dr. Velislava (Koyna Ruseva), shows them another train that they can board, two workers are seen taking all of their passports and burning them. Soon enough the coach and students realise there is something dodgy going on, one by one they disappear on the train, all ending up in a dilapidated room, and severely injured. Dr. Velislava is carrying out a deadly series of operations on the students, cutting them open and tearing them apart whilst still alive to dissect their organs, to be sold and transplanted to patients. After some time of the students being captured and tortured for their organs, and passengers on the train apparently in on the horrible scheme, Alex is the last living survivor of the terror, in the end she is seen escaping the train by uncoupling the carriage, and later returns, having recovered from the events, to fight a wrestling match with grim confidence. Vladimir Vladimirov as Vlad, Valentin Ganev as Conductor Vasyl, Ivan Barnev as Gregor, Nikolay Mutafchiev as Vasily and Miroslav Emilov as Ishtav. Birch is not all that convincing as the emotionally drained heroine who watches all her friends become unwilling organ donors, it probably wouldn't have made any difference if it was set on a train or not, apart from some of the gory moments it is not scary, predictable and uninteresting, thank goodness it got limited release in film festivals and went straight to DVD, a disappointing horror. Adequate!

Reviewed by freydis-e 6 / 10

A must for splatter-fans (spoilers at end only)

There aren't many spoilers here, all in the last couple of paras – everyone knows what's going to happen in a film like this and, because there's a single star, we also know who's going to be around all the way through.

This is a familiar storyline with the on-train setting providing an interesting twist, but you have seen it all before. However, it's better than its IMDb score and better than other movies of this type for one reason, Thora Birch. Birch has long been one of the finest actresses around, who (like Emily Perkins and others) doesn't always get the top parts because other less good actors have more conventional good looks and of course the heroine has to be "beautiful". Unlike many fine actors, Birch doesn't stop trying just because she's in a less-than-brilliant movie, surrounded by less-than-brilliant acting from the rest of the cast. She's just as excellent in this as in 'The Hole' for example.

The rest of the film is slightly better than OK. The dialogue is reasonable, the supporting cast aren't that bad, particularly some of the OTT bad guys, the story makes more sense than in many films of this type (though that doesn't mean it always makes a lot of sense) and the direction, shot-composition, pacing, etc. are all fine. There's a LOT of gore and splatter – it's that kind of film. Some have criticised it for being xenophobic and the reactions of the legitimate train passengers is one of the aspects which isn't believable. But this is not some thoughtful political allegory. Watch it for what it is, a fairly mindless splatter-thriller.

There are a couple of real high-points towards the end. What she does to the bad guy after the climactic fight had me laughing and cheering – just hilarious! And the final 30 seconds are pure genius, for the expression on her face alone. I so wanted to see just 30 seconds more – that's all it would have taken!

Thora Birch is great in this. If her performance doesn't pull you in and make you care, you must be one of those corpses on the hooks and tables. It drags this otherwise ordinary splatter movie up from a 4 to a 6. Worth a watch for anyone who can cope with the splatter. If you positively enjoy that kind of thing, then this is one of the best you'll see and not to be missed.

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