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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by politehere 1 / 10


This movie has no plot and no meaning. I'd rather sit through a a movie of Z grade quality than a movie that looks nice and professional on the outside but has no plot nor meaning. Believe me when I say sitting through this movie was a torturous experience. I was waiting for an explanation for all the unrelated scenes I was forced to see from start to finish and in the end, I didn't even get that! Seriously avoid this stinker. I live in Iran. At the moment, I'm imprisoned in the house due to the corona-virus out there and I've been watching 4 horror movies a day during the past week to keep myself occupied. Out of all the movies I saw (most of which turned out to be pretty bad) there is a movie I strongly recommend that you see as well: Mirage (2018), one of the best movies I've ever seen, so don't waste your time with this movie and go see that one.

Reviewed by timclemens-92026 8 / 10

I Great Independent Film!

I'm a big fan of independent filmmakers pushing the limits. This is a great slow burn thriller with some twist that keep the story interesting. An 8/10 for me.

Reviewed by ghazifox 1 / 10

No plot

I rarely write a review but this movie is unbelievable to the point that makes me wanna write a review so badly, don't waste your time going to cinema to watch this movie, wait for the DVD release or watch it on tv in few months or weeks i guess, this movie is really slow which is boring and those weird scenes showing the girl's superpower reminds me with Xmen Professor Charles but done so badly copy and paste the wrong way and her brother makes the movie even worst , and that bad guy who keeps following them they don't know why and even himself the bad guy i mean doesnt know what he wants but that's what the writer wants lol and not to forget too many secnes has no meaning and souldnt be in the movie , i have seen alot of low budget movies better than this a million times .

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