Trash Fire


Comedy / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 3005

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Ezra Buzzington as Pastor Sterling
Ray Santiago as Sheldon
Ronnie Gene Blevins as Televangelist
Sally Kirkland as Florence
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1 hr 33 min
P/S 3 / 5

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Invincigoth 8 / 10

Dark Movie that builds tension, well written and worth your time

I came across this movie on Netflix and figured hey, why not? I had never heard of the film but I recognized the cast. Turns out this slow burn of a movie is well worth your time. The film is almost two in one, the first half is a well written drama about a young man (Adrian Grenier) and his girlfriend and the very real problems they face. So often in movies the characters in relationships have fake problems that no one ever experiences (I'm looking at you How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days). This couple has problems that I would imagine many viewers can relate to, enough so that it may be uncomfortable watching with your significant other. Grenier retains a bit of the Vinnie Chase charisma but it almost drowned in his apathy to...well just about everything. I found this part of the movie engrossing and realistic. I enjoyed all the side characters we meet here as well.

Trash Fire then transitions into a Southern Gothic melodrama as our two leads travel to meet Grenier's family. This is the meat of the movie and the tone changes dramatically from the relationship drama we first experienced to something darker. I hope people check this movie out, the low IMDb scores likely reflect the difficulty in putting this film in a genre. It isn't a horror film, it isn't a drama in the traditional mode and it isn't a crime thriller. It is likely fans of all those genre's might check this out and may be disappointed because it resist categorization. However, if you approach the film without preconceived notions I feel you will become immersed in this world. I found the ending somewhat abrupt and unsatisfactory for several of the characters, but let's face it, most movies end badly these days. Aside from that, it was time well spent with this little indie film. I gave it an 8 because I felt my time was well spent watching it and I would pass along a recommendation for others to check this out.

Reviewed by volcaniccustard 9 / 10

Wonderfully dark yet colourful

Pretty much faultless adult movie. Right from the off, the characters are deeply dark yet colourful. There is a thin line between and love and loathing that the film tightropes, almost skips, nonchalantly. I never felt disconnected for a single moment of its bizarre, unfolding world - with characters so well developed, I could smell them from the screen. I couldn't fault anything about it, right down to it not lasting a second longer than it needed to. Wonderful, original film making.

Reviewed by nickyb-79131 7 / 10

Black comedy but not much horror

I'm not sure how this could be billed as a horror in an older day it would have been called a tragedy I guess 'horror' is the dumbed down description or for the sake of pigeon holing.

The first scene did make me laugh(as much as one person can laugh when watching a movie alone). It is a black comedy surrounding dysfunctional relationships.

I enjoyed it finding the script decent and the acting good enough not to distract. The camera-work, post-processing and lighting was well done for a film that had a small budget feel, on a technical aspect it reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. The quirkiness of the script delivered by the characters is what makes the film worth a watch. A film for types that like nothing more than escaping for a weekend to film festivals, Not entirely certain this will have mass appeal for the college-age demographic. I'd say a film for a mature audience and I don't merely mean 18+.

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