Treasure Buddies


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Skyler Gisondo as B-Dawg
Elaine Hendrix as Ubasti
Lochlyn Munro as Henry
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Reviewed by bkstahl-80671 5 / 10

Too scary

Rated G??!?????!!!!! And an evil man causes another person to fall into snake pit and never be seen again?? I'm lucky my kids didn't have bad dreams..........

. .

... The puppies were cute........ .... The monkey annoying. The quality of filming was fine. I'm just upset that it was only rated G because my kids were scared and if I had known what it would be like, I don't have never gotten this movie for them. It was OK, overall, but I could have lived without it................

My kids also found the Cobra part scary. Some parts were funny...Such as the camel spitting. The puppy dialog was often funny. The monkey was sometimes hard to understand.............................I don't think my kids followed that very well.

Reviewed by sheriftamim 1 / 10


I cant believe movie makers in Hollywood still produce movies in 2012; after the whole world has witnessed the reality of the middle east region and how civilised it is, to teach your children that Egypt is still a desert where people wear costumes that has vanished 100s of years ago! The funny thing is that the production team did enough effort to use the new car plate numbers used in Egypt which has been applied 2 years ago only! Now i am not surprised why whenever i visit some cities in the states and i just mention i am from Egypt, some people stare at me wondering how did i reach the US!!!!! Shame on all the production teams, you are indirectly educating our children and building very wrong information about the rest of the world. aside from that, the movie is very poor in terms of animation and effects, and i can ensure middle eastern producers can even produce something much more real than this

Reviewed by clairestruthers 8 / 10

Enjoyable for a young child, and that's who it's made for!

I have only one question for parents who have reviewed this movie negatively.

Did your child enjoy it?

Thank you. Now go back and adjust your star rating, or just delete your comment.

The makers of this franchise are not going for Oscars, for heaven's sake, and they never were. Yes, the movie is obviously made in a studio - what do you expect, for it to be shot on location in Egypt?

I didn't mind it and my daughter loved it, and since I bought it for her, that's all I care about.

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