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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
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Nicolas Cage as Kyle Miller
Nicole Kidman as Sarah Miller
Cam Gigandet as Jonah
Ben Mendelsohn as Elias
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FountainPen 2 / 10

Heaven help us if this MESS is the best 2 major movie stars can achieve

SPOILERS AHEAD, BEWARNED!! Home intrusion, (stolen) diamond dealer, multimillionaire couple with asinine rebellious daughter, inept robbers... yeah, you've seen & heard it all before, many times. On THIS occasion, Cage and Kidman try their hands and prove as inept as the criminals. WHAT a MESS! Is it remotely plausible that an ultra-rich man in a stupendously lavish and gaudy huge mansion with manicured grounds would open his door to UNidentified men posing as the police on some pretext??? (How about showing some iD, a badge; how about phoning police HQ to check their bona fides before you let them into your ten millio dollar home??? Honestly! Bloody ridiculous! From this point on, the noise level increases, the "plot" goes to hell, all the characters show their most crude and moronic sides, and the director probably left the scene to grab a few beers, telling the actors to make it up as they went along, cranking up the violence several notches. At least there's plenty of light in this movie, no skimping on the wattage here, so we can see all the ''action'' clearly. Yeah, what a MESS. No wonder Nicole Kidman spends much of her time staring bewildered into space, open-mouthed. Give this garbage a miss. Sleep, read a book, write a few emails, make a sandwich, wash the car, paint a picture, do ANYthing but spare yourself the waste of time that constitutes this deplorable motion picture. Yecchhhh !!

Reviewed by areatw 1 / 10

Just an awful movie all round

If you thought having high-profile stars like Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman feature in a film could save it, then think again. 'Trespass' is proof that names mean nothing and why you should never judge a film by whose in it. This is just an awful movie all round. Home invasion films have never been my thing but this one stood out as being particularly bad.

The script is just dire. It's only so long before the constant screaming and shouting becomes tedious and annoying. Too many of the scenes felt unrealistic and repetitive, and the middle part of the film goes absolutely nowhere. The constant crying and screaming really grated on me after a while and I felt a sense of relief when the end credits rolled. 'Trespass' is just dreadful.

Reviewed by Samuel-Shovel 4 / 10

I Hope You Enjoy Yelling

Woof! This movie's all over the place. Much like all over Joel Schumacher movies, I came away unimpressed and confused. At a certain point, the law of diminishing returns kicks in in regards to plot twists; the more twists you add, the less weight and impact these twists cause. By the end of the movie I was just shrugging off all the twists and red herrings because they were no longer doing anything for me.

The cinematography on this film is pretty lackluster. The acting here is awful. I appreciate Cage trying to chew up as much of the scenery as possible in this one. I can see why he got nominated for a Razzie. And the amount of yelling, screaming, and crying in this movie is through the roof! Rarely are we talking with our normal voices and tones in this one; it can get exhausting.

This is an extremely forgettable thriller. The only positive is it runs about 90 minutes so you can be in and out of this one pretty quickly. Probably best to just ignore it though.

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