Trick Baby


Action / Crime / Drama

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Vernee Watson as Cleo Howard
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Kiel Martin as White Folks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by VincentElgar 8 / 10

Well worth your time

An interesting, extremely well-performed little movie about a pair of Philadelphia con artists who get more than they bargain for when they cross swords with a corrupt cop and the local Mafiosi.

Trick Baby begins well and builds up midway to a terrific foot-chase through the seamier side of the city. In the second half it starts to run out of steam and becomes a little predictable. Things are bogged down especially by a lengthy scene involving a preacher, who is the only character that strikes a false note. In spite of this the movie never loses one's attention completely. The cast down to the supporting players is excellent: Beverly Ballard particularly shines as a woman used and abused by slick operator White Folks (Kiel Martin) and Dallas Edward Hayes does terrific work as the ruthless and relentless cop.

The use of locations is terrific, and the movie has a rawness and immediacy utterly missing from thrillers today. Minor reservations aside, Trick Baby is well worth a look – 8/10.

Reviewed by brefane 7 / 10

Good enough to make you wish it were better.

This is not a blaxploitation film. Based on the novel by Iceberg Slim(apparently a "trick baby" himself),this is an interesting and original twist on the con man theme. And yes,it could have influenced Mamet. The con men, their relationship with Dot(Dallas Edward Hayes) and the real estate swindle bring to mind Mamet's House of Games and Glengary Glenross. Trick Baby contains serious social and moral implications that make it more akin to Felini's Il Bidone(The Swindlers)than to either Skin Game(71) or The Sting(73). The basic problem for me is that the plot doesn't build from the character and milieu established in the first half of the film. The second half becomes somewhat typical,sacrifices characterization for action,and meanders. The scene with Reverend Josephus, goes on too long and kills the momentum. One of the stings, involving a man and a deliberately dropped wallet is confusing because it's not clear how the con works. Kiel Martin and Mel Stewart never break character,work well with and against each other, and Hayes is terrific. The rest of the cast varies in quality. The settings and locations are evocative and well-chosen. Larry Yust's direction, like the editing, is not consistently good. An interesting and watchable film that deserves more attention. Let's hope for a DVD release.

Reviewed by stevenfallonnyc 8 / 10

Fun and suspenseful

I took a chance on "Trick Baby" totally out of nowhere because I like good blaxploitation, and the premise of young white guy/older black guy pulling cons seemed like a fun one. I didn't even realize at first who the actors were - Mel Stewart a.k.a. "Henry Jefferson" from my favorite TV show All In The Family, and Keil Martin from one of my favorite movies, "Moonrunners" (which evolved into The Dukes of Hazzard). So seeing these two guys peaked my interest in this flick immediately! I imagine it's a rare treat to see these two actors in lead parts, and they really do make the most fun out of it. It's great casting - these two guys really have very decent chemistry together, and it's obvious they are having a blast doing this movie.

So yes, they are two con men who use race in their cons, and they pull off the biggest con of their life. But then later they take on a con which makes that one seem like small potatoes, and they also have a gangster and a crooked cop after them.

This one has it all - early 70's dirty Philly street scenes, Pimpmobiles, pimps and hookers, exciting chases (especially a suspenseful foot chase), cool action, decent humor, pretty girls, cold as ice bad guys, and even decent cinematography. Sure, there are a few minor plot holes but the direction is tight and the film is never dull. There are a few more familiar faces from the early 70's, and Stewart and Martin are having such a good time that the viewer can't help but enjoy what's on screen. No, this film isn't going to make anyone gasp at its greatness, but it is definitely a fun way to spend 90 viewing minutes. It's a shame that good, gritty stuff like this isn't made anymore.

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