Trigger Point

2015 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 4.3 10 274

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Allie MacDonald as Ashley Robinson
Yani Gellman as Jared Church
Jordan Hinson as Callie Banner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nammage 2 / 10

Boring Point

Two women are playing tennis, afterward they go to their respective vehicles but then one blows up after shuffling for her ringing phone. It was unexpected, of course, and even more so because apparently the bomb disintegrated her entire body. This film must be set in the far future to have technology that does that. This film plays too dramatic from the very beginning. It doesn't really latch you on to anything. I mean, the point of films like this is: the message. And, we're supposed to care about the message but if we don't care about any of the characters then the message is irrelevant.

The overall film is one rushed scene to the other. Take the father/daughter relationship: father gets laid off and the daughter is the boss now. What? It doesn't state how long he'd been laid off; a day, a week, a year? Well, to the point where the father is a sad drunk: however long that takes, I guess. The daughter's in college and ends up joining a campus political group that just so happens to be anti the corporation that laid off the father. None of what I stated is too bad of a thing the problem is it compacts it all in the first 12 minutes of the film. There's no wiggle room of learning the characters or story or anything.

It's also easy to figure out who the bad guy is from the very beginning. Especially the supposed 'mugging' which was just a beat down and they only focused on one person, and not the leader -- the guy you beat down. If the guy was smart, or the writer of the film, one would have him beat, too. After that it's all just nonsense, in my opinion.

Is it an anti-corporation film? Is it a thriller about the lengths of political activism? Is it about a psychotic killer? Apparently, it was attempting to be all those things, none of those things, or just one of those things. I have no clue which and really don't care, either.

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