True Confessions


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 6988


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Robert De Niro as Father Des Spellacy
Robert Duvall as Det. Tom Spellacy
Burgess Meredith as Msgr. Seamus Fargo
Cyril Cusack as Cardinal Danaher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moonspinner55 5 / 10

Teaming of two high-powered actors bottoms out in lugubrious period crime-drama

Robert De Niro as a monsignor with the Los Angeles archdiocese and Robert Duvall as his somewhat-estranged Irish-Catholic brother, a seen-it-all police detective working on a murder case in 1940s Los Angeles. Following a local priest's death as a customer at a brothel, a prostitute's corpse (cut in two) is found dumped in a vacant lot; the detective and his partner follow a trail of dirty dealings that lead back to the church--with his brother's affairs under suspicion. Dour adaptation of John Gregory Dunne's novel, by Dunne and wife Joan Didion, given a tactless treatment by director Ulu Grosbard, who allows the camera to exploit the majority of the female characters (both living and dead)--and for what purpose, titillation? An R-rating? Grosbard also fails to shape the drama at hand, so that the third-act confrontations have little effect. De Niro (handsomely carrying a bit of his "Raging Bull" weight) doesn't seem to be invested in this role; he's playing a holy hypocrite, but there are no other layers to the man. Also, his scenes dealing with the church and his fellow priests or performing services are deadly dull. Duvall at least has the benefit of salty dialogue exchanges (and colorful interaction with scene stealer Kenneth McMillan, who has wily eyebrows); but his acting, too, is flattened out by the handling, while his smile looks forced and desperate. Perhaps a sharper final edit might have solved Grosbard's problems with pacing and narrative, but what's on the screen is curiously underwhelming. The fine production values and technical aspects are a plus, Georges Delerue's score is classy, and several of the supporting performers (particularly Rose Gregorio as a madam and Charles Durning as a construction czar and lay Catholic) give the film a boost. ** from ****

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 8 / 10

Ambitious Monsignor and Bad temper Cop

True Confessions is a superior movie as Robert DeNiro on unusual role as a Monsignor with ambitious career on Catholic Church which is Cardinal's assessor where get involved with political matters of Church. Your old brother is a bad temper but honest cop they are friends until a corpse found cut on two parts appears on L.A. area which remember Black Dahlia real case.The movie is settled in 1948 and when the Duvall carefully investigating the case found some connections with your brother,so he has to decided what to do!!!Ulu Grosbard made important movies in your life and this picture is one of them and marvelous filmed and directed!!!

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 7 / 10

Intelligent, sensitive drama.

Robert De Niro and Robert Duvall are compelling and believable as two brothers, Des and Tom Spellacy. Des (De Niro) is a savvy Monsignor with the Catholic Church of L.A., and Tom is a hard driving detective with the L.A.P.D. Tom is soon on the case of Louise Fazenda, a "party girl" who's been hacked into two pieces. The case will involve various characters, chief among them a truly slimy construction magnate played superbly by Charles Durning. The case will even involve the Church, to some extent.

Scripted by Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne, from the latters' novel, this takes its inspiration from the notorious unsolved "Black Dahlia" murder of real life. The material does have real emotional resonance, as well as an enjoyably sordid and sleazy quality as things like prostitution and a stag film factor into the tale. As we will see, the characters are often compromised to one degree or another, even if they're not outright corrupt like the Amsterdam (Durning) character. Deliberately paced, and moody, "True Confessions" benefits from a straightforward approach by director Ulu Grosbard ("Straight Time"). The filmmaking is slick, but doesn't call attention to itself at the expense of spinning a good and meaty yarn. The music by Georges Delerue is affecting without ever becoming overly manipulative.

Two moving performances by the two Roberts are the heart and soul of this fine film. The supporting cast is exemplary, with Durning scoring as the vile antagonist. Kenneth McMillan regularly steals his scenes as Toms' cheerfully, mildly sleazy partner Frank Crotty. Ed Flanders, Cyril Cusack, Burgess Meredith, Rose Gregorio, Dan Hedaya, Jeanette Nolan, and Pat Corley all add an indelible presence and gravitas to the proceedings. Be sure to watch for Louisa Moritz, Darwyn Carson, Matthew Faison, Richard Foronjy, and James Hong in small roles.

Well worth watching.

Seven out of 10.

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