True Grit


Action / Adventure / Drama / Western

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Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross
Matt Damon as LaBoeuf
Josh Brolin as Tom Chaney
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Reviewed by Tweekums 9 / 10

A remake that is every bit as good as the original

After her father is murdered fourteen year old Mattie Ross is determined to bring Tom Chaney, his killer, to justice; to this end she hires US Marshal Rooster Cogburn. Cogburn drinks and has a reputation for shooting the people he is meant to be arresting but Mattie believes he has 'true grit' and is the man for the job. A Texas Ranger named LaBoeuf is also looking for Chaney in regards to a murder in Texas; a murder with a larger reward… Mattie however is determined that Chaney will hang for the death of her father not for what he did in Texas. She insists on accompanying Cogburn, something he initially objects to but as they travel deeper into Indian Territory, where Chaney is riding with a group of outlaws. Before catching up with Chaney they come across other members of the gang and reunited with LaBoeuf.

All too often when a classic film is remade the new film is a disappointment; thankfully that is not the case here. The Coen brothers' take on the story is every bit as good as the original. Young Hailee Steinfeld does a brilliant job as Mattie Ross; making the viewer believe that she has the force of will to do what she does and persuade others to go along with her demands. Jeff Bridges is on fine form as the grizzly Rooster Cogburn and Matt Damen is solid enough as LaBoeuf although his role is noticeably smaller than Stienfeld and Bridges. The early part of the film provides some action but is mostly concerned with introducing our protagonists. Later on there is more action including shootouts, a nasty encounter with a rattlesnake and the inevitable confrontation with Chaney and the rest of the gang. Overall I'd certainly recommend this film to fans of the genre; I'm sure people who enjoyed the original will enjoy this too.

Reviewed by IleWieszOOsmiornicach 7 / 10

The culmination of the movie doesn't give the satisfaction that you would expect.

Don't get me wrong, True Grit is a good movie. In a time when most films seen in cinemas are made for teenagers, it can appeal to anybody regardless of age. The gunfights (not much) and talking (a lot) give it a nice pace that keeps you on the edge of your seat while not being chaotic enough to confuse your father.

Mattie Ross is a 14-year old girl who gets a US Marshal Rouben "Rooster" Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) to help her track down and bring to justice her fathers killer (Brolin). Tom Chaney is also pursued by a Texas Ranger by the name of LaBeouf (Matt Damon), who wants to punish him for the crimes committed by him back in Texas.

***Spoilers start here, i guess.*** While the movie starts at slow and a little bit annoying pace, it soon picks up after our unlikely team leaves town. The director was obviously well aware of the saying that chasing a hare isn't about catching it but about the chase itself. True Grit makes you want to catch Tom Chaney along with it's heroes, but when they do actually get him, it does not give you the expected satisfaction. That is weird, because the character was obviously supposed to be given a personality. When he talks to Mattie you might even reconsider thinking about him as the bad guy - The bandits have emotions and Tom gets desperate after his team leaves him. But then, he quickly reverts to his "I'm this pictures' villain!" pose, tries to kill the girl and gets shot. Boom, that's it. Not even any last words that would make him more human and less two-dimensional. Nope. He gets shot point blank with a rifle. That's it. The force of the bullet causes him to fall off a cliff (Not very naturally, too) and that is the last time you see him. Did he have a personality? Or was he just trying to get Mattie to lower her guard? We'll never know.

Then, suddenly, a plot hole appears! It seems Mattie and Rooster have to leave LaBeouf, because he DOESN'T HAVE A HORSE! Yup, that's right. It doesn't matter much that he just shot a bandit off a mount 400 yards away, and that the horse is still standing there, saddled and ready. No. Instead, Rooster and Mattie (now bitten by a handy plot device, rattlesnake!) ride her horse to death and end up in a middle of a field. Cogburn, a weak old man then proceeds to carry the girl in a scene that was surely envisioned as touching, but still makes you wonder about why exactly didn't they take the horse with them (or LaBeouf, for that matter).

If you can ignore some plot points that don't feel right and the general lack of soundtrack in most scenes, you will find yourself captivated by the plot of True Grit, a motion picture that is by no means mediocre. Great acting skills of not only the main characters but supporting cast (such small roles as Dakin Matthews who argues with Mattie about a price of a horse) make it a memorable experience that I will be happy to watch again some time. You will enjoy it as long, as your expectations aren't too high.

Reviewed by gobe-2 10 / 10

10/10 from a guy that does not like western movies

To be honest I was never a big fan of western movies... Somehow I made myself to watch True Grit - had big doubts about it, but after all it was Coen brothers movie and it got only positive reviews all over internet. When the movie had finished I was completely stunned by how the story got me into it, how interesting and absorbing it was from the very first minutes!!! The characters were so genuine and extraordinary in the same time. I guess each of them could have their own individual movie, but here we had 3 of them crossing their paths of faith. Acting was just PERFECT - honestly I think this is Bridges best role, not to mention fantastic Damon and brilliant Steinfeld! In addition to that scenography and photography was excellent. Everything gave the viewer almost 2 hours of an amazing story, told in the best possible manner. Thank you brothers Coen for this masterpiece!

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