2017 [FRENCH]

Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 1351

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yvesdemaria 9 / 10

great realistic crime movie

Really enjoyable crime thriller drama movie, i was never bored once during the whole film.

no bling bling exagerated stuff like tough guys on steroids and beautiful girl with big boobs driving a hummer or ferrari , just a pure cold crime story and the whole feels really really realistic as if you were there, and the plot itself is very good.


Reviewed by s3276169 6 / 10

Feels incomplete.....

For me Tueurs feels incomplete. Its chief shortcoming, a story that's not well fleshed out, with characters you never really get to know. The problem with this, of course, is it makes it hard to appreciate whats going on or why people are motivated to do what they do.

By contrast, what this film does do well is action. Readily sprinkled throughout this film, its frenetic, violent and on more than one occasion, a little disturbing.

If the plot had been more substantial and this film maybe 20 minutes longer I think it could have been truly memorable. As its stands, its watchable but also easily forgettable. 6/10 from me.

Reviewed by spookyrat1 6 / 10

Frustratingly Skinny!

The set - up of Above the Law is immediately arresting, with the viewing audience dropped straight into the middle of a very professionally planned and organised armoured car hijack, that we soon find out has links to the real - life Brabant Killers operations in 1980's Belgium.

There are other pleasant surprises to be appreciated. Clément Dumulin's score is unobtrusive, whilst nicely complementing the near non - stop action. The cast headed by Oliver Gourmet as a career crim and Lubna Azabal as his primary law officer pursuer are more than adequate in their various roles. The overall story, though clearly derivative and paying multiple homages to Michael Mann's classic Heat, is entertaining as such and is lent extra degrees of authenticity, knowing that co - director and co - screenwriter François Troukens, is a rehabilitated underworld figure in Belgium crime lore. Some of the action set pieces too are cleverly realistic and convincing given that the movie doesn't radiate a mega - budget status.

Unfortunately however, worthy Above the Law is, it never really rises much above B movie KPI's. Of major concern, as others have noted on this site, for an 86 minute film, the exposition is almost confoundingly sketchy. Characters are so lightly backgrounded, we are forced to only guess at their motivations for their on - screen actions. Nothing much is ever literally spelt out in a shortish film, which features long periods with little dialogue.

I understand the film has noir pretensions, but the lighting too often is annoyingly murky in an action film, where most things happen nocturnally. Co - director and Director of Photography Jean-François Hensgens, could have and should have done better to involve us, without expecting viewers to continually squint into poorly lit scenes.

It's a genuine pity that the production team didn't take more careful note at how well Mann draws his Heat characters and stages his scenes. If they had and acted accordingly, they may well have had ownership of a product of much higher calibre.

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