Two of Us

2019 [FRENCH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 2115

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Barbara Sukowa as Nina Dorn
Léa Drucker as Anne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chong_an 8 / 10

The dangers of being closeted

Living in apartments across the hall, Nina and Madeleine are technically neighbors and good friends, but they are secret lesbian lovers. Widowed Madeleine is not out to her adult children, so when Nina finds Madeleine collapsed with a stroke, her children (and the hired 24-hour caregiver) cut Nina out of Madeleine's life.

The bones of this story has been explored in Cloudburst. However, while Cloudburst is more humorous, this film is more heartfelt. Good performances by all, especially the heartbroken Nina, desperately trying to sneak some connection.

My quibble with the story: Given Nina's known closeness with her mother (and who saved Madeleine's life by calling an ambulance in time), I am surprised that Madelein'e daughter didn't start by accepting Nina's offer of providing occasional help to the caregiver. And even if Madeleine can't speak, can't she find some other way to communicate she wishes to see Nina?

Reviewed by Julien73 10 / 10

Touching movie

Brilliant and well shot, beautiful images of beautiful women... A very moving story of two women hiding to their families they love each other until the day they have to tell the truth and stop hiding. A vibrant tribute to love, a must watch !!!

Reviewed by Xstal 9 / 10

Heartbreaking, Beautifully Performed...

An ageing couple, having guarded their relations over many years suddenly find themselves separated and unable to stay as one. Two sublime performances from the leading ladies make this an outstanding and powerful piece of storytelling to be savoured.

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