Tycoon's Interpreter

2006 [RUSSIAN]

Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 98

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stuka24 7 / 10

Nice if unusual film.

Great, "European" photography and classical music are are staple in basic Frenchie films. One talked about 80% of the time in Russian is not. While the plot is not very believable, the characters are. The film rests on the shoulders of Julia Batinova, which is a good thing. The other main character, Bruno Todeschini, is much more well known, from "Petits meurtres en famille" (TV) and lesser works (i.e. Bonhomme de chemin). Contrary to expectations, he is not at all convincing, failing to transmit anything.

Sergey Garmash is so likable as a shady guy that you almost forget about Russian maffia. Some taints of Swiss life are interesting but specially the positive look on Moscow shows where the director's heart really is. The Russian big shot does manipulate Ira in a very "Hannibal" like way, getting to her heart, her relationship with her dad (or lack of it), etc. while being indicted, and not exactly on the best position to play mental games. Not very real, again, but likable! You almost feel fond of these Russian moguls who "ok, trafficked ..., but what does it matter?" as Oleg summarized.

By not showing a too positive image of anybody, this film gains strength and interest. I liked it, but I guess it's a personal affair. If you are into "coming of age/ Bildungsroman", and or like anything Russian, you'll love it.

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