2003 [SWEDISH]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 198

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jocke-73 9 / 10

Alfredsons overlooked pearl

Surreal as Four shades of brown, witty as Bert - the last virgin. Lotta and Pernilla are in their late 20's/early 30's and work at the same office. One of them is being promoted, the other one has begun to feel stress related symptoms. Enter two Swedish gay expiates, back in Sweden for the first time in many years, with the mission to reorganize the office and increase effectivity.

This soon turn it to hell for Lotta, Pernilla and all their surreal workmates.

In the beginning of the film one girl asks the other "What would you do with your life, if you didn't have to got to work every day"

Reviewed by augustbering 7 / 10

Finally a Swedish film that says something interesting.

Many people dislike this film. It's weird. Strange acting, surrealistic surroundings and a story that really doesn't seem to matter that much to anybody. This film tries to say something about how people feel today, about themselves. And the result is a striking lack essence. It's difficult to make a movie about genuine emptiness, it just isn't that visual. But this is a daring attempt to comment about something that so difficult to grasp and describe, but yet the mentality of a generation.

Reviewed by kalasgroup 7 / 10

Odd movie

This movie contains lots of weird humor. About people lives on their work, their office. It might be worth see it, but if you don´t like this sort of humor. You won´t like it at all. We suggest that you see it if you are a "film lover" like us.

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