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Rainn Wilson as Castle
Mark Webber as David Kressen
Lucy Griffiths as Joy Andrews
David Clayton Rogers as Adam Kressen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s3276169 8 / 10

Almost excellent.....

Uncanny is one of those very rare movies that quickly and effectively engages the viewer.

This is a slow burn sci fi, there is not an abundance of special effects or action. What you get instead is a mostly well written, very clever story with a message about deception and surveillance. Technology may be amazing but, in the wrong hands, it is not necessarily our friend.

The acting is of a very high standard. Its hard to fault the cast in any way. That said, the story which is almost excellent lets the film down somewhat in the last five to ten minutes. Its conclusion is a little clumsy, whilst the rest of the film is carried with an airy, almost effortless, deftness. A more subtle conclusion, would still have carried the films message and I suspect, left a more indelible impression on the viewer.

So is Uncanny worth your time? Yes it is. It may be a little flawed but this is still a very good film with a very relevant message. Eight out of ten from me.

Reviewed by siderite 7 / 10

Forever hidden in the shadow of Ex Machina.

The film's title is appropriate, since that is the feeling you are getting from the movie. Somehow, something is wrong with it, but you can't put your finger on it. The twist at the end was pretty predictable as well, but somehow they botched it up with the very last scenes. If they change the ending - not in its idea, but its handling - the movie gains an instant extra rating point.

However the biggest harm that anything can do to this film is that it was released soon after Ex Machina when they are approaching similar subjects. It is not the same thing, but close enough, and clearly not as good. I have to think, would I have liked the film in 2014, let's say? And the answer is probably yes. Change the ending scenes, make the pace a little more alert, maybe remove some of the slow scenes or some of the bad ones (because there are some that are just stupid) and you get an instant winner.

Bottom line: interesting concept, not bad yet mediocre implementation, badly written ending scenes. Uncannily close to a good movie.

P.S. Why do movies try to seem smart with chess analogies, and then really botch them completely? Even the weakest chess player in the world would instantly see that the people doing the scenes had no idea how the game is played.

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 8 / 10

Stellar low-budget sci-fi.

Comparisons with 'EX MACHINA' is inevitable, the set up is almost identical; 1 scientist has created a shockingly human-like robot and 1 person is sent to investigate just how life-life the robot actually is.

But let it be known that in no way is this a rip-off of said movie as it was released just 9 days after 'EX MACHINA' was... Hardly enough time to write a script of this magnitude and cast it as well as this was cast etc etc.

The acting is great (Mark Webber is just one hit-movie away from becoming an a-lister I believe, if you've seen him in other things you know that this performance is very unlike his usual performances, if he even has such a thing) and the atmosphere as well.

The writing is very good for the more part, I was slightly let down by the ending though I must admit but I still enjoyed the movie as a whole and will most likely watch again sometime.

If you like low-key up close and personal sci-fi's then this will most certainly do.

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