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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

I don't feel equipped

A film crew shooting a documentary has an emergency landing on an uncharted island, hence the clever title. They separate and discover something is hunting them. Acting left a little something to be desired although I did like the Shana Montanez belly dance. It is supposed to be found footage, but most of the film is not found footage. The found footage part was mostly Erin Howie flashing and then saying "I can't believe I just did that." The dialogue was boring. The pilot was drinking and doesn't have a license. He is in no hurry to be rescued. They do have a radio, which they used only once. We do get to see what if hunting them in the very last scene and I wasn't impressed. Was that a model airplane? Guide: sex and nudity. Don't recall any swearing

Reviewed by nightcreature19 1 / 10

Horrible Low budget movie

I wouldn't call this a horror movie for whatsoever reason in the world. If you think a bunch of over-sized rats (??) or so called "creatures" roaming around the screen would scare me... Please...! I think even they were on a budget. I hardly see them on screen. I heard people talking about plane crash. All I saw was a small plane with a broken windshield. Maybe the windshield crashed! lol! The occasional flash backs (totally useless and boring) are totally irrelevant. I've seen low budget horrors /thrillers but this is the WORST. I liked the popcorn better. A big NO NO. Don't even think about watching this movie. I doubt if the director or the crew would would have watched it the second time. Waste of time!

Reviewed by Ferretti2008 1 / 10

Horrible Blair Witch wannabe...

Let me just say, I love horror movies (even some of the B-Horror or even D-Horror, if they are done well) but this movie is atrocious! I saw the high rating and the story even sounded somewhat interesting...People deserted on an island trying to capture footage of some legendary jaguar living on the island. But the story is poorly written and even poorly paced, I dozed off in the middle for a minute or two, and it tries so hard to be like the Blair Witch it's just sad. I think the summary of the movie is more entertaining than the actual film! Thank God it only runs 78 minutes (but that's 78 minutes too long)! Obviously people involved in the film gave this the 7/10 stars (again, sad). If you somehow see this somewhere to rent or buy, save your money/time and avoid this at all costs,I wish I had...

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