Under ConTroll


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 78

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Jason Douglas as Troll
Elizabeth Maxwell as Natalia

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10

This was oddly enjoyable...

Sure, I wasn't really expecting much from the 2020 movie titled "Trolls World" (aka "Under ConTroll"). Why? Well, given the movie's synopsis and the cover for the movie.

But still, my passion for movies brought me to sit down to watch the movie from writers Simon Hauschild, Eric Dean Hordes and Alexander König. After all, it was a new movie and one I hadn't already seen. So of course I gave the movie a chance.

And color me impressed, the movie wasn't as bad as it potentially could have been. Now, I am not saying that I am was blown away or amazed with the outcome of the movie. But it was a watchable and enjoyable enough movie for what it turned out to be.

It was the 1980s feel to the movie that really worked in favor of the movie's enjoyment and entertainment value. So director Eric Dean Hordes definitely managed to do something good with the storyline and script.

Sure, the storyline itself was pretty straight forward, even for a movie such as this turned out. But it was just oddly enjoyable still.

The acting in the movie was good enough, although I was unfortunate to sit through a dubbed version. That was just abysmal, as I loathe dubbed movies. It would have been a more enjoyable movie experience if it was just presented in its original German language. Dubbing work is always dubious. It should be said that the character gallery in "Trolls World" was actually fun; lots of offbeat and quirky characters.

As for the effects in "Trolls World", well they were there and they served their purposes well enough. Just don't go expecting to be blown away by an impressive array of special effects and CGI.

All in all, "Trolls World" is a campy and cheesy comedy fantasy horror flick. Somewhat of a guilty pleasure actually. I enjoyed the movie for what it turned out to be, and if you have the time, then you should sit down to watch it, especially if you enjoyed they glorious mid 1980s horror movies.

My rating for "Trolls World" actually lands on a six out of ten stars. I found the movie oddly enjoyable and cheesy enough to actually make it worth watching.

Reviewed by MikeHunt1075 2 / 10

Troll or trolling you to watch it?

Horrible acting. Horrible script. Horrible plot. The film is all around horrible.

Avoid ever seeing it at all costs.

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