Under Her Control

2022 [SPANISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gustheaffen 2 / 10

Boring, predictable, nothing original

We've all seen this type of thriller a thousand times and this one is no different and follows a standard formula. It is a long movie too - almost 2 hours. There really is no twist or surprise ending. It started out promising and went the standard route. Add in all the irrational decisions, the minute anyone locks you out of the world a sane person would realize it was time to get out. But in these types of movies that never happens and hence the two hour BOREfest. The best part of the movie is the scenery. None of the characters are very appealing with the exception of the BF who is the only one with any integrity so you can guess how his character arc goes.

Reviewed by kb-63683 5 / 10

It turned Idiotic

This movie started off well. Had a pregnant girl confined to a house so an executive could have all rights to child. The lady overseeing the girl didn't even ask for much from the girl, but eventually the girl turned completely irrational and felt like she was enslaved for no reason. I think the lady was reasonable and even kind, so the girl's immaturity and irrationality was all the more irritating. I don't know if they're saying being pregnant whacks out your emotions and hormones so completely that you make stupid choices, don't know. Makes the ending all the more dissatisfying. Could have turned this into any number of artistic directions. I have no idea what the story was trying to say, and I must say it turned to an idiotic predictable direction for no reason when there was so much more that could have been done with it. There was also no indication that the executive was going to murder the girl when the baby was birthed, I'm pretty sure that idea came out of nowhere and into the head of the girl. The executive does murder near the end, but it almost seems out of character. The girl had an extremely flat affect as well, first her personality was driven go-geter cutthroat girl then it turned into lifeless drama queen; not consistent at all, even from scene to scene.

Reviewed by broman-29429 5 / 10

It started pretty good though

It is incredible how one movie can radically change from being good, well directed, strong characters, personalities, even intriguing to absolutely none sense, the ending made no sense at all, to the point that I really don't know what the writer was trying to say, but it felt offensive to women, we are just irrational people, crazy hormonal and irrational. The plot was a bit ambiguous too it has some undeveloped subjects, it has some scenes that don't go anywhere. But aside all this, I think it's worth your time watching this film because the acting is good and the production, they just lose it at the end, you end up scratching your head and thinking what the hell just happened?

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