Under the Open Sky



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Reviewed by JuguAbraham 7 / 10

Absolutely worthy of the Best Actor award at the Chicago Film Festival

The range of emotions and body language exhibited by actor Koji Yakusha is amazing. Totally deserved the Silver Hugo at Chicago. His other best acting performance was for Kore-eda's "The Third Murder"--a similar role.

Reviewed by mbrcf 6 / 10

Works very well until last minutes

TIFF 2020 08

Under the Open Sky

This film is a story about an ex-con Yakuza member from Japan who after getting out of prison for about 13 years, tries and really struggles to find his place in the normal society. fir me personally, everything in this film worked perfectly until the last 10 minutes or so which was completely unnecessary in my opinion and left a sour taste in my mouth. the film is very handsome, it has some beautiful takes and a textured story. The lead actor Koji Yakusho gives a convincing and powerful performance. I think this can be a much better film with some tweaks and some changes in the editing department.

Reviewed by Hombredelfuturo 7 / 10

Hard to fit

First; reading what the other 2 commentators say about to cut the last part of the film where they do not like the ending then checked what they like to watch...well; one is a Hollywood lover and the other just watch kind of TV movies. Both do not get what the story has to offer.

A real important factor that this film is showing, is that you really need good People in your Life (or at least in the crucial moments) to not.miss the right track.

Other great point is Who is the good person anyway? In this hypocrite Society where we live there is kind of a blur sometimes.

A third point is that you can think that you are the lowest of the rank position but you might serve as example or as a pillar for others.

No doubt that in several situations is hard to fit however, for many there are possibilities "around the corner"

Main roll has a driving force and good spirit not matter he was a Yakuza minor gangster or that he relies on violence to relief pressure (because is the only way he knows)

...and yes; the last part is right; actually is what Life is: Work hard and you can obtain or not good results.

-Camera work is ok; color shades work right with the story telling.

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