Under the Shadow


Drama / Horror / Thriller / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 7 / 10

Well worth your time

In western culture movies become iconic quickly. For example, entire generations who missed the original Star Wars film can nonetheless recite dialog from it. Horrow films fit the same mold. The tropes, tricks, plot arcs and even to a large degree the SFX become familiar over time because they are part of the overall experience you expect.

But what happens when a horror fan experiences a film from a different culture? Are the building blocks the same ... or different? One of the clearest exponents of this issue is this film, a modern "horror" film produced in an Islamic country that is known neither for its horror films nor really for its interest in films at all.


It is good enough to stand on its own as a horror piece. In fact, it's only possible failing -- that it builds so slowly and gradually -- can in fact be considered a major strength. It may well be that, in the west, film-makers who lack the skill to "layer" their suspense raise the temperature far too quickly? However when you consider the obvious incorporation of allegory and metaphor to overlay the plight of the heroine in her real life against her plight in the supernatural realm .. the film gets even more intriguing. Not preachy. Just interesting.


Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 8 / 10

A place where real-life trauma and supernatural horror intertwine

This film is very notable to me for being the first – that I am aware of – horror film to come out of a Middle Eastern Islamic country. For this reason alone, Under the Shadow is an interesting movie. Horror films generally work best when there is a sense of mystery to proceedings, the unknown being one of the scariest things there is. This was the reason that the J-Horror films from Japan were so terrifying to western audiences, as the Japanese conception of the supernatural was so different to ours meaning that things happened in those films that were highly unpredictable and unsettling. It's this same reason that a horror film from an Iranian cultural perspective is always going to feel more original in approach. And so it proves, as while there are familiar elements in this ghost story, there are also aspects that are less predictable, resulting in a fascinating movie. A woman and her young child live alone in an apartment in Tehran during the latter years of the Iran-Iraq War when the Iraqi regime were systematically firing missiles into the middle of large populated urban areas. Before long the bombs come crashing around them and just as this starts happening a strange malevolent supernatural force enters their home and begins to terrorise them also.

One of the things that made this one really stand out for me was the historical setting and social context that came with that. While on the one hand this is a claustrophobic apartment-based horror film, there are also very real terrors outside the home too. In fact, the apartment is a haven for the mother in many ways, a place where she does not have to wear restrictive clothing and can work-out to her Jane Fonda video. Beyond this safe sanctuary she has to deal with a repressive regime who may violently punish her if her clothing is not correct or if they even hear she owns a VCR. The restrictive lives of women during the Cultural Revolution is the real life horror that the protagonist experiences out with the home, while the supernatural Djinn entity is the horror she and her daughter endure within the home. At the same time there are the horrors of war constantly occurring without warning and with potential deadly consequences. Even though this film is set in the late 80's, it's quite clear that this latter factor remains horribly pertinent today, given the horrendous bombings of civilians in the Syrian Civil War which continue unabated as I write this. So, this is a movie with quite a lot going on when you think about it. The supernatural horror material escalates as the story progresses and there are some genuine jump moments and some nicely sinister imagery. It never overplays its hand though and does not descend into over-the-top shenanigans, which ultimately is to the film's overall benefit.

Lastly, and certainly not least there are a couple of excellent performances in here underpinning everything. Narges Rashidi is extremely compelling as the mother, while Avin Manshadi puts in a very strong performance as her young daughter. We really do care about these two sympathetic and realistic characters. In the final analysis, I certainly hope that this film leads to a cycle of Iranian horror films, as the horror genre is often a very good one when it comes to examining tough social issues in an accessible way. This film may be the tip of the iceberg.

Reviewed by persian-belle 9 / 10

It's much more than a horror film

This is a film about war and its atrocities. The primary goal of the film is obviously not to be a horror film.

During the Iran-Iraq war and especially after Saddam's missiles landed in many parts of Iran, many were affected psychologically. Children who started screaming, adults with PTSD, depression and many many more psychological problems. Imagine fearing any moment that a bomb or a missile could land in your home. It's a hundred times scarier than any supernatural phenomena.

The background of the film is Tehran, Iran in the 80s during the war. The supernatural elements (whether imagined by the main character or supposed to be real) beautifully symbolize the ugliness and squalor of war.

If you are looking to be entertained by a purely horror film, this may not be the best choice, as there is more to it. You may be disappointed as you may tune out of anything non-horror and the rest of the film will seem tedious to watch. However, if you do not expect to be scared the entire time, and just watch it as a film about a family during the war, I guarantee that you will smile, cry and be crept out of your wits a few times. Even though I was paying more attention to the story line rather than waiting to be scared, I had a hard time walking upstairs alone to my bedroom after watching this. I am a horror film fan and I am not easily scared anymore, but I had not been so terrified in years.

I give it a nine because the resolution at the end is not complete. I usually like closure at the end of the film, but again, that could mean that until the war is over, evil has not gone away.

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