Under the Sun


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 2309

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by =G= 7 / 10

What's with the jet plane?

"Under the Sun" is a bucolic, warm, charming, and sentimental story about a 40 year old Swedish farmer who hires an attractive housekeeper who tends to somewhat more than cooking and cleaning. He's illiterate with an inheritance, she's smart and pretty, and he has a young male friend who may be after both his money and the woman. A lovely bit of romantic melodrama laced with humor and rustic beauty which could steal your heart or make you gag depending on your taste. Recommended for more mature sentimentalists. (B)

Reviewed by krisrudin 10 / 10


This was a wonderful movie about love, trust and self-discovery. The acting was first rate, and the photography was beautiful. It is a very sensitive portrayal of the very human need for love and acceptance, yet it is never heavy. The story moves along very well. The characters and plot are believable. I highly recommend it!

Reviewed by ungerch 10 / 10

A beautiful film, both visually and in story ... stunning

We loved this film. In a time of fast action, surprise, and worst-case scenarios, this is a human drama about living, love, relationship, and truth. The cinematography is stunning. Warm, golden hues of a Swedish summer ... and a reminder of life outside of our current era of technology and speed.

A story of two people falling in love for who they are ... not titles. Many visual and cinematographic metaphors and allusions.

A beautiful and touching film.

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