Under the Tuscan Sun


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 45920

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Elden Henson as Author
Diane Lane as Frances
Kate Walsh as Grace
Sandra Oh as Patti
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by luckylib14 8 / 10

I Really Loved This Film

So, I've heard this film got the beating because it wasn't like the book? Ah, well, trust me; I'm a huge book-lover (and Harry Potter fan), so I can say that if I had read the book and was an immense fan, I probably wouldn't have liked the film if it had taken the basis out of the original story. I truly sympathize with those of you who disliked this film because it did not go with the book in some way or another. ;)

Although, since I love writing myself, I have a very wonderful relationship with this film and its delicious scenery, how the characters in it build in confidence, and the whimsical things that seem to be thrown in it artfully. Yes, there are some so-called "cliches", which is a word I hate using. We use that word to describe things that happen every day in our life, things that repeat themselves in storybooks and films and are heard so often that we are likely to vomit with expectancy of it all. But the thing that hit me about this film is that a lot of things happen that you really don't expect. The coming-of-age story has been told for ages, and will be expressed forever, with all its little tidbits of similar goings-on (serious situation happens, main character finds escape, love, broken heart, confusion..etc.). I don't think an entire genre of literature can deny its existence, now, can it? :)

The acting is superb, and it has a lot of light-hearted moments that lift it up. It's basically about accepting yourself before you can truly find "Mr.Right", and realizing that you shouldn't put the blame on yourself for every single thing in your life that happens, and about taking chances because life can have pros and cons. I even think that some men would like it. This film was very inspiring to me, and although I didn't see it in theaters, I left my couch feeling very creative and content, as if I wasn't the only one who got inspiration from the little things life seems to hand out.

Reviewed by zfiany 6 / 10


It's a story about how people who want things badly rush themselves into experiences that are worse than their previous ones. It's a good movie with several deep messages. The movie also has a certain atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are in Tuscan on a trip yourself. I have to disagree with the view that says you need to be in love to enjoy the movie. All what you need is some depth and you will definitely relate to the protagonist. She happens to be healing from a failing marriage but you can relate to her story if you are dealing with any kind of problems in your life.

There is one specific part of the movie which I truly like is the one where she defends the love story of a young couple though she was hurt. This shows that even though she failed she didn't cease to believe in love. She succeeded in going out of the egocentricity of a person who usually hates good for people if his life is not working successfully.

Reviewed by mirkobozic 3 / 10

A festival of stereotypes

"Under the Tuscan Sun" is a cheesy flick about Diane Lane's recovery from a divorce trauma by moving to a small town in Tuscany and restoring a local house, creating a liberal oasis within a conservative community. Regarding the movie, it's hard to say where to start. You got all your Italian stereotypes neatly lined up as if on a museum shelf: the beautiful scenery (every scene is a postcard), the food (it seems every grandma is a Michelin- star chef in this country), the uber-conservative town (just because you're a Catholic doesn't imply you're not open-minded), the gorgeous men who are just after flings (if you walk into any place filled with locals you're more likely to run into average-built or stocky people), and on and on. Apart from trying to spice things up a bit, the reason for including Sandra Oh's pregnant lesbian is beyond me.

And if this is not cheesy enough for you, Lane ends up with an American writer (who just happens to earn so much money he can show up at your villa in Italy at any time), after the director has given minimum time to actually elaborate the development of the relationship. We don't see any downsides of living in Italy, like the horrible bureaucracy and public service, the bankrupt economy of the South or treatment of minorities. This way, it seems as if the Italian Ministry of Tourism paid for a Hollywood production-style ad campaign for Tuscany. As we all know that Lane is capable to pull of serious roles, this should be treated primarily as eye-candy, since it's disappointing in all other categories.

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