Undisputed 3: Redemption


Action / Crime / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
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Scott Adkins as Boyka
Lateef Crowder as Santiago Silva
Mark Ivanir as Gaga
Marko Zaror as Raul 'Dolor' Quinones
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Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 9 / 10

best fighting movie

Unlike any other martial arts movie, this one pushs the style to the edge, from bad to good, from weak to strong, Boyka's character leaves no clues on Scott Adkins. As much as it is a simple idea as much as the adreline never stops in this movie. This movie left a mark in the history of martial arts movies, and yet it never gets old. "this is the most complete mma movie in the world".

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

Best of the series yet

REDEMPTION is the third of the UNDISPUTED franchise and a straight-to-video martial arts flick that excels at what it does. The trend is to offer more of the same as we saw before, but there's more action than ever, more heart, and more arena fighting. The genius move is to have Scott Adkins return as Boyka, not as the villain (although he's as tough as ever), but as the hero this time around. The story follows through the usual prison elements: male bonding, punishment, escape, and plenty more besides, but the emphasis is always on the fighting in the ring. In the hands of experienced director Isaac Florentine the fight scenes are crisp and fluid, with near-impossible physicality and brutal moves captured in loving detail. Adkins is excellent, of course, as is an ultra-slimy Marko Zaror as the chief bad guy and other genre personalities including Lateef Crowder, Vernon Dobtcheff, and good old Robert Costanzo (the traffic cop from DIE HARD 2!). It's certainly the best of the series yet, and it leaves me looking forward to checking out part four.

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 10 / 10

this movie is the only best martial artist tournament film in the Undisputed film series

So the third film in the Undisputed film series is the best martial arts film flick in my opinion that was released in the last years. I am really not big fan of the Undisputed films. The first one I really don't care about Walter Hill and Wesley Snipes film that I don't care. The second one was about the same character from the first film George Chambers who was played by Ving Rhames but was then replaced by Michael Jai White. So anyway I got this movie on Blu-ray and I love this film to death. This is the only Undisputed film I have because of Scott Adkins I am a hug fan of the actor and I think Yuri Boyka is his best role. The reason I did not get Undisputed II: Last Man Standing on Blu-ray was because I did not like Scott Adkins a bad guy and he lost a fight on the end but still the second one was a really good movie.

Undisputed III: Redemption is the best sequel, better story, the fights scene's are practical well done. This movie is f***** awesome it kicks the sh** out of Bloodsport III, Bloodsport III sucked Undisputed III: Redemption is the best of the best martial arts tournament movie in the last years.

This series goes with lower and lower budget, but it gets (a lot) better and better. There is no wire, no fake, all real actions. The fight scenes are unbelievable, the story is good as well. Action movies usually don't get good ratings, but Undisputed III: Redemption is surprisingly inspiring. It's like dark version of Rocky, other than that, you can see the change of Boyka and what makes him stronger. The characteristic of Boyka is quite impressive.

There was also the reason I just didn't like Boyka: Undisputed IV, because this film ended perfectly and it really did not need another sequel.

Russian inmate Boyka, now severely hobbled by the knee injury suffered at the end of Undisputed 2. No longer the feared prison fighter he was, he has declined so far that he is now good only for cleaning toilets. But when a new prison fight tournament begins - an international affair, matching the best fighters from prisons around the globe, enticing them with the promise of freedom for the winner - Boyka must reclaim his dignity and fight for his position in the tournament.

The fights are awesome they are well done well choreographed there aren't any slow motions in this real practical effects and real fights, real stunts are all well done. This movie in the series is my favorite film of all time I love it. This is Scott Adkins film and not Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, Hard Target 2 or the next Undisputed sequel this movie kicks ass. It is well acted from all the actors: Mark Ivanir as Gaga from the second film also returns which I am happy.

I love the prison setting and mostly I love the soundtracks score for this film: Jess Willard - I'm Still Standing and Max Boogie Overdrive - I Smell Blood those two songs are great songs used in this film. Bring It On was also used from the second film in this that I like that film.

There is like everything I love about this film. I love that Boyka does everything in this film to win and regain his honor. Mykel Shannon Jenkins was also good as Turbo, Boyka's friend and a cell mate I love the chemistry between them.

The rating get's 10/10 my favorite personal martial arts flick.

Undisputed III: Redemption is the third installment in franchise started by the 2002 action film Undisputed.

10/10 Grade: Bad Ass Seal Of Approval Studio: Nu Image Starring: Scott Adkins, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Mark Ivanir, Hristo Shopov, Robert Costanzo, Marko Zaror Director: Isaac Florentine Producer: Israel Ringel Writter: David N. White Rated: R Running Time: 1 Hr. 36 Mins. Budget: $3.000.000 Box Office: $282,548

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