Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 83

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Adrienne Barbeau as Kathryn Dolan
Marc Blucas as George Lomack
Brooke Sorenson as Kim Lomack
Allison McAtee as Christina Dolan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by srhosterman 7 / 10

Fracked Up

The pacing was very small town. The people were believable desperate farmers & family. But the symbolism was my favorite part of this film out of all other aspects! Because we all have repressed emotions somewhere, and eventually it can eat away at us. And these families embodied that, and got super 'fracked up'. Seeing how each character's hidden fears took form, as their desperation grew, was terrifyingly relatable. Also, although fracking is known to produce pollution, this film has us wondering what or who is creating a toxic environment. The ground? The air? The people speaking their opinions about us and our lives? Was it the chicken or the egg? You can take this film literally... But do yourself a favor and dig deeper. (Though please, hold off on any fracking).

Reviewed by jessicayochim 8 / 10

Hits Close to Home

Rural family drama meets classic horror in this fracking story-gone-wrong. The scariest part of the film might be the fact that humans are not far off from creating a scenario such as this in real life. This film exemplifies the insanity of a big-oil driven society and how easily it is for environmental ethics to be overturned by people in desperate, impoverished situations.

Overall, I enjoyed look, feel, and acting in the film as well as the homages to cult horror classics. The film leaves me wondering if what transpired actually happened the way we saw it play out, or...?

Reviewed by nealvan557 3 / 10

More Hollywood propaganda is the true moral of this story.

Having an opinion or view no matter what it is about is fine. However, when only one side is presented, that's no longer an opinion, but an attempt to brainwash the highly influenced or the spineless mindless. This could have simply been a B horror movie, but it doesn't even rate that high. Watch if you choose, but I hope you might watch something equal with the opposite perspective. If you do that, you'll be far more intelligent than most of those around you.

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