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Olivia Munn as Narrator
Jennifer Aniston as Narrator
Malin Akerman as Narrator
Rose Byrne as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carol_barton 10 / 10

A much needed documentary

A powerful documentary depicting the very best and worst of humanity. A call for humans to evolve and to move beyond our current barbarity.- An exploration of the human ego and the destructive part it has played in our history. As the title suggests the documentary is a call for unity, leaning on the teachings of gurus such as Sri Ramana and more recently Eckhart Tolle. The documentary was heavily geared towards veganism, but though there were some upsetting scenes of animal abuse I wouldn't imagine they were as graphic as those in Earthlings, which I have only heard about, but have never been able to watch. It is a documentary that everyone should see. It allowed us to look objectively at what we are doing to our home the earth, and all that lives on it. Perhaps in doing so it will help instigate some positive change.

Reviewed by Cruisebear 10 / 10

Mind Blowing Truths!

This is an extremely important work that needs to be shouted from the rooftops! After viewing UNITY several times, common sense tells me that there are certain statements that really make sense. I didn't realize that I've been searching for answers to the insanity that man perpetrates against his fellow man, animals and the environment. This documentary makes perfect sense! Lastly, I am appalled at the lack of reviews for this life changing documentary. It mirrors the pervasive ambivalence in the world today? This is a sad commentary to something that could save our very existence. If you want some answers, see this film!

Reviewed by snowboardgirl73 10 / 10

A Must-See Documentary for Everyone!

Compelling, eye-opening, heartbreaking, beautiful, truthful and above all, necessary. Everyone needs to watch this. From the very first seconds of the film, your heart pauses...it breaks, it aches and your mind races. It will take you on a journey of self-discovery, examine your moral code, reconsider behaviors you took for granted and force an introspective review of your life. It puts perspective to the relative minute importance of humans, yet the impact our selfishness and arrogance has had on fellow earthlings and our planet. The film will make you cry, it will anger you, sometimes it will be extremely hard to watch but you won't be able to stop watching. This documentary is fuel for THE social movement of our times, it is hope for our planet and humanity.

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