Unlucky Charms


Fantasy / Horror

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Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10


A group of five girls are in an old mansion competing in a modeling/spokesperson competition for reality TV. Characters from the underworld are summoned to the surface by an unknown person (mystery is short lived) to kill off the models. These include a cyclops and what appears to be a Scottish Leprechaun.

The film is a nice concept with potential. Indeed, I was thinking of cult classic "Evil Toons." However, it didn't live up. The dialouge was simplistically catty. The humor didn't take and it really needed to because there was no real horror factor.

The opening to the film informs us that Full Moon productions has created its own interactive streaming web site for $6.99 a month, "only 20 cents a day". Closer to 23 cents a day for you third grade scholars. 70 minutes long and even as a cheap rental, it still might be worth passing up even with Masuimi's tats and cool under garments.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity (Anna Sophia Berglund, Masuimi Max)

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Nifty Grade B horror outing

A quintet of beautiful women fiercely compete with each other to become the top spokes model for a high end line of lingerie designed by formidable diva DeeDee DeVille (strongly played with deliciously wicked relish by Jeryl Prescott). Unbeknownst to the ladies, DeeDee has invoked four mythical beings from an ancient charm bracelet so she steal the gals' souls and remain young forever. Director Charles Band relates the entertaining story at a zippy pace and maintains a generally serious tone throughout. The compact and engrossing script by August White and Kent Roudebush offers a neat twist by making the monsters the reluctant pawns of an evil human instead of all-out nasty beasts. Moreover, the creatures are a cool and colorful bunch, with Peter Badalamenti as lecherous cyclops Bloody Bones and especially Nathan Phillips as bitter and disgusted leprechaun Farr Darrig rating as the definite stand-outs. The bevy of sexy babes certainly doesn't hurt matters any: Tiffany Thornton as sweet goody goody two shoes Audrey, Nikki Leigh as the insecure and self-conscious Sheila, Masuimi Max as the determined Mika, Alex Rose Wiesel as ruthless arrogant bitch Darla, and Ana Sophia Berglund as ditsy slut Erin. In addition, there are amusing performances from Seth Peterson as the effeminate Pirl and Charlie O'Connell as slimy producer Baxter Randolph. Howard Wexler's crisp cinematography and Richard Band's shivery Celtic-flavored score are both up to par. A fun little fright flick.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 5 / 10

A solid cheesy Full Moon effort

Looking to win a modeling competition, a group of girls at a remote Gothic mansion trying to get the top prize are slowly removed by a greedy entrepreneur in the competition through the use of powerful leprechaun gemstones, and when they get tired of being pawns strike back against their plans.

This was quite a fun cheesefest. That in itself is the greatest aspect featured here which runs rampant throughout the film. This is apparent from the very beginning with the introduction to the Leprechaun and the other monsters attempting to look into the human world and to segue from that into one of the hokiest excuses for a modeling show which looks incredibly cheap and low-rent if it were a real show. Getting to see the monsters run around the mansion conducting their brand of mayhem on the competition is all the more fun for how long it goes on into the film before they find out what's going on as their mischievous antics allow for some cheesy fun here. Manipulating themselves into looking like the others which not only allows for some cheesy nudity but also giving off the chance to see their magical powers in action and all that entails. Overall, this is the best aspect of this one. The main aspect holding this one back is the sheer audacity of the premise which is decidedly so goofy it's impossible to take seriously. Indeed, that is the whole point here with this one but the make-up work is truly laughable in terms of their overall appearance as each of the creatures has something to dislike. The Leprechaun's frizzy hair and slick face glean in the light unnecessarily, the cyclops' face is nearly immobile, making it's source materials obvious and the oracles are just silly expressionless masks. That goes together with the constant fantasy-laden magic effects and a lighter tone through the constant spying on everyone looking to find the source of the missing magic to create far more of a comedic-fantasy than a genuine horror film, especially in the latter half where the mischievous beings are revealed to be controlled by evil forces all along and all the horror elements are dropped considerably. When you don't fear the main creatures, the film has issues that are hard to overcome.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Nudity, Violence and a mild sex scene.

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