Untold: Caitlyn Jenner


Documentary / Sport

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maytekinaliyeva 10 / 10

Different perspective

I loathe Kardashians shows or anything related to that. As I knew she was part of it, I hated her without even doing proper research on who she was in the past. After this documentary I will always respect her. I have never changed my mind about someone so drastically.

Reviewed by kq999 9 / 10

If interested in Bruce & Olympics here it is

This turned out to be more of the type of documentary I had hoped it would be. We have seen/heard way too much about 'Caitlyn' both in magazine articles and the reality show that followed Caitlyn and her friends.

What I am interested in is who Bruce was, how his life began, his interests, his family life, the build-up and training for the Olympics and how he felt during all of these times. What was he thinking as he stepped up and began the final sport that won him the Gold and how he felt afterward...and this is pretty much what we got from watching this. No matter what people may think of Bruce Jenner he did win Olympic Gold for his country...a feat that is almost impossible and surely unattainable for most of us.

Reviewed by dcsmith-05016 7 / 10

It changed my mind.

I didn't want to watch this but curiosity got the better of me, I always somehow felt sorry for Bruce - he was spoken to badly on television and surrounded by women that are obsessed with fame and other than Kris being exceptionally gifted in marketing her children for doing nothing but holding a name that their celebrity lawyer father gave them , there really is no substance in the Kardashians. This documentary showed me where he came from and gave us a view of how he got there, what drove him and what was truly bugging him throughout his life. I was angry when I heard she won the woman of the year award so I had made up my mind about how I felt about her transition (there is more to being a woman than putting on a dress and if you aren't born as one I believe you won't fully comprehend what it is like). This doc sheds new light on his past, his struggle to accept himself and for others to accept him, I had no idea he had another son! Seems like a nice guy. I appreciated that it was focused on Bruce at first and then showed Caitlyn - it is well made and doesn't veer off into the charade of his famous kids. It was almost wholesome. I wish her a happy life and I feel sad that it took her so long to get here.

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