Up to His Ears

1965 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Comedy

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 1904

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Jean-Paul Belmondo as Arthur Lempereur
Ursula Andress as Alexandrine Pinardel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Amusing and entertaining Belmondo comedy, combining adventure , action , thriller and funny farce

An action , spoof and adventure movie , very freely based on Jules Verne novel , which was a big hit at the international boxoffice . This funny and hilarious adventure deals with a unhappy millionaire called Arthur Lempereur : Jean Paul Belmondo who is attempting to commit suicide . Later on , he does business with an insurance company and hires two murderers to do it , then he meets a strip-tease dancer : Ursula Andress and falls in love for her . Later on , Arthur wishes to reverse the situation , it's why he has found the ideal couple , the gorgeous stripper Ursula Andress . So of course Belmondo does some international adventuring in order to get his purports. That Man from Río is up the Himalayas .. up the Yang-Tze .. up in a balloon .. up-stage with a Stripper...up-town in Hong Kong..you can't keep a great adventurer down !

A fun as well as extravagant comedy adventure full of turbulent action , fast paced and farcical events . It has a lot of stunts , in fact Belmondo himself did his own stunts . To compete the big boxoffice James Bond movies by the time, was made this picture that had a big hit , as well . A worthy companion piece to "That Man from Rio" also directed by Brocca and starred by Belmondo , both of them were the French highest films of the years 1964 and 1965 , respectively . Belmondo is pretty good as the young billionaire whose suicide attempts keep failing . Belmondo has a prestigious national and international career , playing all kinds of genres , outstanding in thrillers : "incorregible" , "Hunter Will Get You" , "Stravinsky", "Borsalino" , "Le Professional", "Sicilian Clan" , "Hold-up" , "Stuntwoman" , "Mississippi Mermaid" and Adventures : "Cartouche" , "Le Magnifique" , "Ace of Aces", "Happy Easter" , among others . Belmondo is ideally suited to his character , giving a very diverting and likeable acting , being well accompanied by the always gorgeous Ursula Andress , Jean Rochefort as his faithful butler , Jess Hahn, Darryl Cowl , Valerie Lagrange , Pacome , Valerie Inkjinoff , among others .

It contains colorful cinematogaphic with exotic locations from Katmandu, Nepal, Hong Kong , China Jama Masjid , Old Delhi , Red Fort , India . This engaging adventure spoof was professionally directed by Philippe de Brocca , though it has some shortcomings , flaws and disjoined scenes . He made nice films , most of them comedies , action and adventures , such as : "Cartouche", "The King of Hearts", "Oldest profession" , "Le Cavaleur" , " Dear Detective" , "Jupiter's thigh" , "The Green House" , "Louisiana" , being his best movie "Le Magnifique" . And his fetish actor was Jean Paul Belmondo .This film titled "Up to His Ears" was one of the best and most successful of its time , getting a great hit , thanks to sympathetic interpretations , gorgeous locations and big fun that make this one a joy to see .

Reviewed by Frank-87 7 / 10

fun to watch...Raiders of the lost Chinese

this is a remake of "L'homme de Rio" of the same director and also starring Belmondo. The producers told De Broca to make a "super"-L'homme de Rio this time. But the comedy is taken a bit too far this time, which means the border to pure slapstick is crossed several times throughout the movie, which is unfortunate. Also the actor of the suicidal millionaire and the actor playing his butler should have switched roles; I think even the director stated that once in an interview.

There are several references to its preceding movie, most obvious; in one scene the girl calls Belmondo "Arthur" instead of "Adrien"; "Arthur" was the name of Belmondos character in the first movie. In the first movie Belmondo asks his girl; "what's next, are we going to China?".

User reviews of "L'homme de Rio" correctly mention the fact that Spielberg very obviously was inspired by that '63 French movie when making Indiana Jones. Well, watch this movie and you will experience even more deja-vus.

This is a well done and very entertaining adventure-comedy movie. Go see it.

Reviewed by strong-122-478885 5 / 10

Loosely Based On A Jules Verne Story

Apparently - "Up To His Ears" (from 1965) was the rip-roarin' French comedy that actually inspired American film-maker, Steven Spielberg to undertake directing "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" (from 1984).

To be sure - When certain scenes (involving some truly wild and incredible stunts) take place in the action - The viewer will automatically recognize clear similarities between these 2 pictures.

I'd also say that there is clearly something of a "decidedly" Monty Python-esque feel to the overall flow of events that take place in this wacky tale, as well.

But - Unfortunately - When it comes to the whole slapstick eccentricity of this film's zany action - It seems that the French don't appear to know too much about creative restraint. And, so - Before long - This potentially amusing tale gets too carried away with itself. And, with that - Coherent sensibility promptly sails right out the window.

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