Urban Legend


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Jared Leto as Paul Gardener
Alicia Witt as Natalie Simon
Tara Reid as Sasha Thomas
Joshua Jackson as Damon Brooks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by helencmm 5 / 10

Full of clichés...

I definitely feel that this film gave me nothing. Really nothing. It was full of clichés, as I've mentioned, and there wasn't a plot twist (at least to me).

Firstly, the clichés. I felt that I was watching a film, that desperately wanted to be better than "Scream" and to get all of its cult following. The concept, although it was about urban legends, something that I appreciated, it had many vibes from other slasher films, so I think that it lacks of authenticity.

Second, I knew who was going to die, and I could tell easily, during the film, which deaths were "fake", the ones that wanted to shock you a little bit.

Third, the characters. I mean, they managed to make even the characters to act in a cliché way. There was the serious final girl, the one whom they try to mislead you that he or she is the killer, but he's or she's not. The over the top excited person, the idiot prank boy, the blonde bimbo, the goth, and the a*****e! Nothing new, nothing creative.

As I've said, I knew 90% of what was going to be happen, so I haven't felt any thrilling moment. Except one scene.

Let's say the things that I liked about this film. First of all, the concept of the urban legends it was cool, and maybe the only prototypical. I also liked the first scene. It was actually very thrilling and gave me a very good first impression. The person who played the killer was cool and had good acting skills.

To conclude this review, I want to mention that this film is not necessarily bad, but to me it wasn't good either. It was something between "Scream" and "I Know what you did Last Summer". Plus urban legends. As a person that have seen many many similar Films, I have to say that I kind of knew the flow of the plot, so I did not found it thrilling. If you've never seen similar Films, maybe you'll like it. It's a fun film to watch, if you don't have anything to do.

Reviewed by Xophianic 6 / 10

Yet another teen slasher movie, but this one better than some

This is yet another teen slasher movie, one of the many to have come out recently. I don't think this one quite ranks up to the SCREAM movies, but I think it was better than the I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER movies.

College student Natalie Simon, (Alicia Witt) mourning over the recent murder of an old friend, finds herself in great danger after a large number of students are being murdered. Each murder is performed in the style of an urban legend, which many of the kids know. Everyone is a suspect, including the best friend Brenda (Rebecca Gayheart), love interest Paul (Jared Leto) and friend/prankster Damon Brooks. (Joshua Jackson)

The premise of this movie is fairly cool, but the rest of the movie is basic slasher-movie type stuff. It's pretty predictable too, as are most movies like this one. The acting is not especially great, but some of it is fair. Alicia Witt does a good job as the star of this movie. Rebecca Gayheart probably does the best acting job of all, especially at the end.

Most all of the characters are boring and flat, aside from the main one. Many are simply there to get killed, and some that are more important are not as interesting. Still, this movie is better than I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and probably worth a rent.

Reviewed by a-drivers-moon 9 / 10

Great Fun. A 90s Slasher That Has Aged Well.

Urban Legend is a movie that knows exactly what it is and what it wants to be. It's full of clichés and false jump scares, but they're pulled off by people who love clichés and jump scares. People tried so hard to compare this to Scream when it was released, but this proudly stands beside the very same type of movie that Scream was lampooning. Now that it's been nearly 20 years since its release it's easier to separate it from Scream and judge it as a straightforward slasher. Everything you love about 80s slashers is here, but with greater production values, and a greater reverence for the slasher movie rulebook.

It's the type of movie that telegraphs every kill so obviously that you're not dreading who might get offed next, but rather eagerly anticipating the method of their death. It's the type of movie that casts Tara Reid as the busty blonde and then shoots close-ups of her cleavage when she runs. It's the type of movie that casts horror vets like Brad Dourif and Robert Englund as red herrings. It's the type of movie that features the killer's motive explained through slide show projector. Let's just say that it knows the slasher rulebook, and then excitedly checks off the list.

One thing that might detract this movie's value for 80s slasher fans is the lack of nudity and gore. The 90s slashers filled their casts with genuine teen stars rather than unknowns looking for a big break and therefore they were less willing to risk scandalizing their audience. It's a shame because it's the one aspect of this movie that feels tame and dated, but other than that, it's a fun ride and a blast to watch with some friends.

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