V.C. Andrews' Landry Family V.C. Andrews' Hidden Jewel



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Crystal R. Fox as Mama Dede
Tess Atkins as Jeanne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

unnecessary extra

This is the fourth movie in the series following Ruby, Pearl in the Mist, and All That Glitters. It's 1982. Pearl is 18 and graduating from high school. Ruby and Beau had twin boys, Jean and Pierre. Pearl is haunted by nightmare visions of Paul.

The franchise moves forward 17 years to regain some drama. The conflict essentially ended in the previous movie. There was a whole courtroom drama where all the secrets were spilled. This feels like an ill-fitting addition to the side of the house. It is wholly unnecessary.

Reviewed by skpn123 10 / 10

This series sucks you in and then spits you out

I find it a little amusing that those watching and reviewing Movie 4 are making comments as if it was a standard movie and not from beginning to end a soap opera of of epic propertions with dramatic events, over the top and stereotypical characters. And it is a delicious melodrama with a fresh young cast and a few veteran actors such as Ashley Judd.

I find it silly that people are commenting on them seeming like 'sisters'. Ruby was still a teenager when she has Pearl, so that is pretty much inevitable.

I have to say that for much of the movie Pearl annoyed me nearly as much as Giselle. She was an obnoxious self-righteous prig and her disrespect of her Mum led to some of the negative events that transpired.

Reviewed by scriabin17 3 / 10

This was a terrible letdown to finish the series! Sorry I watched it.

I was expecting Part IV of the Landry Family to be the best. This was bad on so many levels and making the viewer believe that Raechelle Banno, was old enough to be a mother to Jennifer LaPorte, who played, Pearl, her daughter, was more than a stretch. They looked like sisters, not mother and daughter. Bad, bad, bad movie (bad script, bad acting, and bad direction).

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